Bought used Juliette... inside smells bad!

  1. A few days ago I bought a used but well-kept mini monogram Juliette bag off Ebay and got it today. The inside of it is smelly, sort of like cigarette smoke but not quite... :rant: however the outside doesn't have a noticeable smell, fortunately.

    Now, do you use febreze for smelly insides or something else? The inside lining is similar to linen and offwhite in color, so I don't dare to try cleaning it with a moist towel or something... :cry: Help please? :flowers:
  2. spray febreeze on it and stick some bounce sheets in the bag for a few days
  3. Thanks MissV... what are bounce sheets? (I'm from Europe)
  4. If you are using Febreze, go for the Extra Strength Febreze (yes there is such a thing) in the spray bottle. What I do is empty the bag, stick the spray nozzle inside and just saturate the entire inside of the bag until the lining is damp but not soaked through. This does not take much effort, especially if the bag isn't too huge.

    Not everyone feels comfortable spraying the inside of their handbags, so they use the old scented dryer sheet and sunshine method. Just stuff the bag with one or scented dryer sheets and then set the bag in a warm and/or sunny place for several hours.

    Of course, no warranty is implied by these recs -- all of this you do at your own risk. :smile: That said, I've never had Febreze ruin any bag of mine, and I've used it a lot.

    Good luck!
  5. Try sticking a box of baking soda in there, or a bowl of coffee grounds. Both are supposed to absorb odor. Good luck!
  6. Ok thanks mharvey, so febreze shouldn't stain the beige insides of the bag?
  7. Bounce sheets= Dryer sheets......
  8. :biggrin:thanks
  9. Try some newspaper too. It absorbs smells pretty good.

  10. Dryer sheet..the sheet you put in your machine when you dry your clothes.
  11. Sorry For This Long Post:

    Juliette Is Such A Beautiful Bag. I Am Very Happy For You!!!

    Did The Seller Say Anything About Smoking? .......My Allergies Are In Full Force With Cigarette Smoke (Nothing Against Anyone Who Smokes...It's Just My Crazy Allergies!).

    I Bought 3-4 Bags @ Once, From Another Forum (3+ Years Ago).....Beautiful! The Woman Was A Doll........My Bags Were Pretty Much New (99% New!) ~ Besides The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke. I Didn't Want To Start Anything & I Really Wanted These Bags. It Was At The Point Of Just Giving Them To Someone??? I Had No Clue. My Husband Was Going To Through Them Out (& Definitely Knows The Price Of Each & Every Bag!).....My Sister (The Absolutely Angel She Is!!!!), Took Them For About A Month & Absolutely Babied Them......I Got Them Back So Wonderful ~ I Will Have To Ask Her (I Can't Remember) What She Did.

    Now, I Mostly Stay Away From Bags That Have Been Previously Used (Unless, In Person).....It's Too Bad....But, It's My Health............Health vs. Bags??????? No Fun! :sad:
  12. i spray a tissue with my chanel perfume drop it in the purse and than shake it up, some people just spray it inside the purse but i dont recommend that.
  13. I willl just let it sit w/ an air freshner in it for a few days.
  14. I've heard that some people use kitty litter to absorb the smell- not sure what they put it in first though.
  15. I don't want to tell you definitively that it won't stain because I don't know that and I don't want you mad at me if it does.

    That said, I have never had Febreze stain any of my bags. You can make of that what you will.:yes: