Bought today purely for the color..crazy?

  1. Went to Birch Run this AM, kids at school hubby out of town, birthday in two weeks...I wanted the Chelsea pebbled tote small or medium, all they had was the super super large diaper size one...bummed.

    Everything else was mainly nylon totes, only had the tiny or the large...lots of top handle pouches for 59 but I have one. If I get a new one I want a sig one.

    Not much there, very sparse....BUT I saw this cute wristlet, cosmetic bag, super cute and the only item in this color in the I had to get it, crazy?:nuts:

    Oh well guess itis back to eBay to find my tote.
  2. Ooohhh love the color! that'll look good with so much!! Congrats!
  3. I love that too. If I saw that in a wristlet I would buy that in a heartbeat!

    I vote not crazy.
  4. That's almost the special edition geranium red. GORGEOUS.
  5. That's lovely - I'd have gotten it too!
  6. delish little find there! i need something like that for my makeup, and have been lookin, i'd have grabbed it too!
  7. that's a pretty color! I tend to buy things based on color too! i love reds, pinks, purples and greens. enjoy!
  8. My daughter says I should carry it like a wristlet......It looks more like a keep in my bag or on my dresser....Of course she is hinting she wants to carry it... 14 yr olds are so precious.
  9. Beautiful color, I love it! You are not crazy at all! :smile:
  10. That is ADORABLE! I'm usually more into neutral colors, but that color is just TDF!!
  11. I love the colour! I was at birch run a few weeks ago and saw it. They also had it in green
  12. Another vote for not crazy.....that color is gorgeous!!
  13. I love that color. It reminds me of Strawberry Taffy. I saw the Pebbled Leather Tote at an outlet a few weeks ago in that color. They also had white, black, and a cream color. That color was being picked up quite a lot though.
  14. Very pretty, nice find.
  15. Love the color