bought today, but LVs misaligned!

  1. hi all. i have a question for you experts. i just bought a new mono speedy 25 today at the Ala Moana in Hawaii, to replace my poor beat up old one. i knew what i wanted to we just walked in & bought it. well, i didn't inspect the bag, or open it up since the SA showed it to me briefly while it was folded, put it back into the dust bag, & we paid. but when i got home i noticed that the print is off to the right about 1/16th to 1/8inch or more, misaligning the whole front!

    has anybody ever returned anything for such a small detail. i know i have 14 days to return it period, but wouldn't you do the same? or do some LVs come misaligned, be it just a tiny bit. i would be the first to judge a fake bag by it being off center like this.

  2. Congrats! Looks perfect to me!
  3. Looks good to me also!
  4. I can't see the imperfection! Look beautiful to me!
  5. sorry but I can't see anything wrong with it! lol! Chill, and enjoy the bag!
  6. I can see, where the line of stitching is not going through the fleurs at the top in the exact centre. (I think!!) You're right it is a small detail. Return it if you're not happy.
  7. do yall see the LV in the middle of the tabs? well, the designs to the right & left of it, the left one seems to showing quite a bit more than the right one isn't it? i don't know why it bugs me so much, but it does.
  8. hey troya, i thought maybe i was being petty, but it's not unreasonable that the alignment be spot on, right? i'm def. taking it back. it's just way too obvious to me.
  9. If you are not happy, yup return it. But remember this is made by hands, so not everything will be perfect!
  10. I see it. It's entirely your perogative. Good luck! Can't wait to see your absolutely perfect Speedy! :flowers:
  11. :yes:
  12. I 2nd that:yes: :yes: .
  13. it looks good. congrats!
  14. i think its fine
    but if you happy with it, just return it and change for another one
  15. I see what you mean..its very small but if you can't tolerate it then exchange it. You don't want to be irritated every time you look at your bag.