Bought this yday!

  1. My first Prada!


  2. very nice! did you pick it up @ the sale?

    (nice ppf sheets! :p my sisters think i'm buttercup)
  3. Pretty color, congrats!!
  4. Thanks! Yes i did bought it at the sales! It's a good deal with 40% off! :yahoo:

    (haha, thanks again - i thought my bed is in a mess! Buttercup is cute! :yes:)
  5. Thanks, Savannah! :p
  6. WOW! There has been a monster run on Prada bowlers this week!

    LOVES! :love:
  7. very pretty bag! i love it!
  8. What a beauty! Is this a bowler week?! Congratulation!
  9. mauiheng, did you get this from paragon? or DFS? i was there for the first day of sale friday around noon and did not see this one! congrats! i ended up buying something that was not on sale!!
  10. I love the color so much !! Love the size of the bag tooo...:heart:
    Great buy for a discount !!
    Nice nice nice !!:tup:
    Enjoy !
  11. The color is excellant, what a nice bowler.
  12. Hi, bought this @ DFS on Sunday afternoon!

    Thanks, i am loving it very much!

    Which one did you buy? Care to share pics? :nuts:
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Wow....gorgeous!!!! Congrats!