Bought this today

  1. I bought these today, I wonder if this was a good price, $69.99 at Filene's Basement?

  2. I'm new to coach so I can't help you with the price, but I have to tell you, those are great sunglasses!!
  3. Very cute! I'm not familiar with that style in particular, but considering the other sunnies I've seen have all retailed near the $200 mark, I'd say you did well! Congrats!
  4. good price! even at the outlets, when sunglasses are on sale, they run around $63 after 20% off...

    cute shades! wear them well!
  5. Those are hot. I say you did good.
  6. Thanks guys, pink is my favorite color! I just found some on eBay that were identical that the seller had starting at $69, with a BIN of $99, so at least I'm in the ballpark. :smile:
  7. OT but i was reading some article today that aviators suit all face shapes so i bet they look lovely on. haha. congrats!
  8. Those are adorable!
  9. Excellent price. I purchased mine in March of '06 for $168.
  10. cute!!
  11. yeah that is a good price compared to $200-$250 they are too cute
  12. Oh I like those! Good price too!
  13. That sounds like a good price to me. The best deal I've seen is $50 at Nordstroms Rack, but styles and quantities are always limited and older.
  14. I bought a pair of Allie shades yesterday at the outlet for $63!
  15. Totally cute and sounds like you got a great deal too.