bought this to pop inside my oak Ledbury!!

  1. thrilled to find this - I know it's meant for an organiser but I have the pocketbook size so won't fit- I will pop it into my oak Ledbury when going to the shops!
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  2. Lol I threw some of these away
  3. aww- what a shame - just shows there's always someone who may want what you no longer need! :smile:
  4. other Mulberry contents in my oak Ledbury
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  5. Cute - I have a lovely Ledbury too it’s one of my favourites
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  6. some of you may have spotted my little pocketbook agenda in pic above -any of you still use your planner / organiser or have you switched to using a phone instead to do that? My 2019 inserts plopped through the door this week and I found myself wondering how many others still like using paper-format? (I deliberately have an old-style phone that is only for calls and texts so no internet or apps on there!) :smile:
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  7. I have the same pocket book
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  8. Love it. Can you tell me where you bought it? I would love to have these when going out too, it would have been so handy.
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  9. yes it's a lovely size for popping in your bag :smile:, they usually have a few on ebay but you'd obviously need to be careful about it being genuine and check condition carefully, especially ensuring the rings are still nice and tight- you can still get the inserts on Mulberry website- I got mine early to make sure!! :biggrin: