bought this opinions please(abbey)

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  1. You can never go wrong with a gucci classicc. Great choice!
  2. I like it .. it looks very practical for everyday use .. Congrats !!!!
  3. thank you. my sis went in to buy a lv bag after we were done with that we walked into gucci just for fun and it was on sale and i snagged it and told her to buy the black one. :yahoo:we are both very excited
  4. please keep the opinions coming:blush:
  5. I LOVE this bag! Great that you got the classic color on sale. CONGRATS!

    I have the same Lg Abbey Tote in the sand gg fabric w/gunmetal trim. My obsession w/Gucci started with this bag back in June of last year and has grown from there.
  6. modeling pictures please!
  7. Yep, I think it is a very good First gucci bag.. classic gucci monogram and with practical tote style.. Congrats!! OF course, even better while it is on sale!!
  8. modeling pics asap and flipchickmc thanx for sharing ur story love ur collection the red d gold hobo is tdf:tup:
  9. i have this bag with white leather trim. I LOVE IT! perfect everyday bag!
  10. I love this bag! It is a perfect first bag.
  11. hmmm white leather trim:yes:
  12. its not my first bag.its my first gucci
  13. Great bag and classic is the way to go for your first! Congrats!
  14. :sweatdrop:hey! added pics of my bag and my sisters in my album... the black gucci is my sisters and beige ebony is mine finally took it out yesterday. what do you guys think???