Bought this off ebay to stop the sagging!!!

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  1. I bought the all in 1 shaper off ebay and just got it today. I LOVE IT!! I did actually carry my new speedy 30 azur around the other day and kinda like the sagging, but for the mean time I think I am going to use the shaper. It is nice to have two options!!

    This is how the inside of my purse looks:

    Speedy sitting on out table:

    Speedy being held up, keeping its shape:
  2. nice!
    personally i like the sag?
  3. Looks neat! :tup:
  4. Cool!
  5. nice one! which seller did u get it off?
  6. that quite good ....:tup:
  7. thats a purse ket right? looks good though i love the sag!
  8. Love it! Thanks for the pics!
  9. I just got that on Monday for my Speedy Azur. I love it as well. Really love the pockets.
  10. I like it! I'm not a big fan of the sag, so if I get a speedy I'll get the shaper also!
  11. I have a shaper too for my Damier and it works wonder!

    My stuff are way more organized and no more sagging !
  12. Yeah it is kinda' like letting you bag go bra-less every now and then!
  13. Very nice! Although, I prefer the sag!