Bought them Both! Help!

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  1. I was at the store using my 25% and couldn't decide if I wanted the Ali or the Legacy Shoulder Bag in black - so I bought them both. My original thought was that I would return one, but I like them both a lot..

    What would you do? I already have the Ali in whiskey and it's my favorite bag ever, so change might be good, but if it ain't broke should I try to fix it?
  2. I would take the black Ali back and keep the shoulder bag in black. You will love the shoulder bag!
  3. shoulder you NEED two ali's?
  4. Well, if you love them both & can afford to keep them...then do so. If you do need to take one back I would keep the shoulder bag since you already have an ali in whiskey. please.
  5. I was in a similar situation with 2 D&B purses I bought. I loved the style so much, I ended up buying 2 of the same style, just different colors. I ended up realizing that I'd get better use out of just 1 of them, instead of constantly changing out the purse just to have a different color (not that it would be a bad thing!). So, I ended up returning one of them. :crybaby:

    I would definitely keep the shoulder bag, because it's different from what you have, and it's a fantastic bag! But, if you think you'd get good use out of both the Ali's then you may want to keep both the new Ali and the shoulder bag. :shrugs:

    Wow, I wasn't much help, was I? :roflmfao:
  6. I would keep the shoulder bag and return the Ali. And remeber, we're less than a month away from new floorsets!
  7. There have been a few times where I have fallen in love with a bag so much and have bought it in 2 in different colors. I see nothing wrong with that...they are 2 different bags and go with different outfits. If $$$ is not an issue then go for it. I just purchased -- have not received yet -- two legacy satchels in 2 different colors because I knew I loved that style so much and would enjoy having and using them depending on the color scheme of my outfit. I am kind of OCD about my bags and shoes matching and also having my bags coordinate with my outfit so sometimes having 2 colors of the same bag is a lifesaver.

    I hope I'm not crazy:nuts: but that's what I did. The SA didn't blink an eye.
  8. I would return the Ali, since you already have one in whiskey.
  9. Return the ALi. I love the shoulder bag. You will too.
  10. The shoulder bag rocks. But if you can afford both, keep both, because that black Ali might be the one that you always said, "Darn I wish I kept that one."
  11. I totally agree!!! There's nothing worse than letting go of a bag/wallet/etc and then later regretting it 100%. If you can afford it, and love both, then definitely keep both! ;)
  12. Just to let you know, I ended up returning the Legacy Shoulder Bag and buying the Mandy - so now I have a black Ali and the Mandy!

    Just don't tell anyone I'm related to...<grin>
  13. Nice, congrats!! The Mandy is a beautiful bag. :yes:
  14. I did the same thing, but I am keeping them both! (but it was shoes and a belt)
  15. you are soooooooooo bad! lol. the mandy is gorgeous (as well as the shoulder bag but i've always liked the dogleash in front of the mandy between the pockets more)

    and now you have all three! :supacool: congrats!

    i find myself in the same situation but since i can't afford it anytime soon i have a bit of time to think