Bought the wrong one!

  1. I have been watching Watches on eBay for the last few weeks- I wanted my husband to buy me a Coach watch for my Christmas present. ( I always pick my gifts and he pays for them). I went to Norstroms and tried it on for size- and finally bought this watch on eBay for $140 - retails for $248. I could hardly wait for it to arrive yesterday. I opened it up and it and ------- I had bought the Men's version!!! It was my mistake--I had been watching several listings and I had just didn't notice. I feel guilty asking the seller to return it because it was my mistake.

    I could just put it on eBay myself I guess. I was so depressed!! It's a beautiful Brand New watch , but way too big for my little wrists. I could give it to my husband but he just got a new watch this summer that he loves.

  2. Oh, that sucks! I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully you can get your money back out of it and buy what you wanted!
  3. If they seller wont accept it back just turn around and sell it yourself!

    And if you're hubby doesn't like it thats a shame, b/c its such a nice watch!!!
  4. Wow I really like that watch too. Like everyone else said you could just resell it. Hope it works out for you and you get the watch you want next time.
  5. Man, What a Bummer!!! I would just re-sell if the seller doesn't accept returns.