Bought the Tobacco Paddy BUT...

  1. ok gals. i bought the tobacco paddy off NAP. :jammin: But somehow I'm still kicking myself over missing out on the aubergine one...

    BUT I know that I will use the tobacco one a lot more cos of the color.

    Arghz... can someone clear my doubts!!! :hysteric:

  2. Ok, even tho I am really warming to the metallics, I think the flat colored leather has much greater style longevity, it will probably go better with your standard clothes, and ultimately will give you more bang for your buck.

    But that's just my opinion (PLEASE don't shoot me all you metallic babes!!) :heart::heart::heart:
  3. I agree with hmwe (like always LOL!!) I love metalic but the flat colored paddys just work better for me. :yes:
  4. be happy that you were able to get the tobacco paddy at such a great price.:smile:
  5. Thanks Audrey!! :love:

    And I am pretty sure I said it before but it merits repeating: you looks soooo coool in your new avatar shot!!! You have a real eye for photography.

    But yeah, my choco paddy is the easiest bag to wear. It goes with everything, there is no worry about it getting dirty or marred.

    Enjoy the tobacco pixel!! :yahoo:
  6. thanks galz.. . it works out to be cheaper too! :P
  7. I have been thinking of the same thing Pixel, but I'm so glad that I waited and saw the Tobacco Paddy up for sale (I bought one too). I think it would go more with my wardrobe than the Aubergine color. We did good girl!!
  8. AND it's cheaper ;)
  9. I thought I was the only one with that thinking, mel! Actually I was quite surprised that they brought out another two more colors on sale.

    I think I've made the right choice. :smile:
  10. I wonder what else is going to go on sale when these sell out seeing as the event doesn't finish till the 6th :ninja:
  11. seems like they are seriously clearing their paddy stock!
  12. You are so sweet hun, thank you!!! :blush::shame::flowers::heart:

    And I agree about choco!!! :yes:
  13. I just did the EXACT same thing and I think we will be better off with the plain brown.....its more classic and long term....

    I don't know about you, but I don't buy $1000 purses very often (actually this is my first), but when I do they'd better be classic and last a LONG LONG time!!
  14. The Tobacco is much more classic and has longer lasting appeal...I think you got an AMAZING deal for a GORGEOUS bag...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. What do you all think about the dove gray paddy? I want to get it too; but I don't really want to pay duties.