Bought the silver blue small Faye backpack, will I love it?

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  1. I’ve never seen any Faye’s in person, just pics! So since I found the backpack at a good price, I bought it! Now I’m wondering will I like it? Anyone with the small want to way in on their bag? Pics, any thoughts! Thanks!
  2. IMG_0003.JPG
    Isn’t it just soo cute! I love it!
  3. IMG_0003.JPG
  4. Such a nice color, so pretty!!

    I just ordered one earlier this week too! A mini back pack in motty grey - wondering if it’ll be too small but we will see!
  5. Congrats! I find the small to be perfect! But, if you are not carrying a great deal the mini should be awesome! The mini is cute as a bug!
  6. I love mine! It’s been my main carry since I bought it a few months ago. Congratulations.
  7. I have the small size and love it! Holds everything I typically carry, and I like that I can switch to carry between shoulder and backpack.

    I love the idea of getting a mini for days when I want to carry fewer things - great night out bag!
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