Bought the same pair of jeans twice - need to share with people who understand!

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  1. My Dh thinks I'm a nut. I just bought the same pair of VB R&R jeans that I already have off eBay b/c I just read the thread about how they're notorious for ripping the day after another friend of mine told me that hers ripped. I like them so much I need to have two in case one rips!!!

    See, I knew you guys would understand!
  2. Yes, I totaly understand it. I usually stock up my favorite jcrew white tissue tees just in case one gets ripped.
  3. Wow...never heard of VB denim ripping.I have two pairs that I have worn for over a year now and have never had a problem.What thread did you read this on?
  4. I think it's a good idea - also what if you stain a pair and the style gets discontinued?!
  5. On this thread below:
    *gasp* My Expensive Jeans Ripped!
    It talks about R&R jeans ripping, although not necessarily VB R&R.

    Also, they did already get discontinued!!! MUst buy while I can!
  6. Totally understand! I'm still trying to hunt down and buy a second pair of my favorite jeans (in my size)! I don't think they carry them anymore in department stores though and don't really want to resort to eBay just yet... :push: Oh well, someday!
  7. :yes: I do understand. I have like, three pair of the same jeans. If you love the fit, you love the fit. That's all. And what if you wanted to wear the same style jeans but haven't washed yet? Just reach in the closet and pull out a fresh pair. ;)
    I hope your jeans don't rip though.
  8. I think that getting a second pair of jeans in a cut that you love is a great idea! It is sooooo hard to find the "perfect" pair of jeans, so why not stock up!
  9. I do that and it's a really good idea. It's hard to find the perfect fit.
  10. i have bought 3 of the same jeans in the past just because i loved the fit. but at first i thought they were all different cuz i bought them at different times.

    My fiance says if i find a style/brand that i like of something like a shirt or jeans buy more than one while i can
  11. hey I do the same I have 3 pairs of my fave jeans, and i don't care whether they look the same, i just love it when i dont have to go try another style/brand..
  12. Oh don't worry, I buy doubles all the time!! Especially if it's a style I find flattering, which is hard to do with the size of my booty lol. Don't whip yourself for it, it's perfectly normal! (And good thinking, too.)
  13. this has happened to me too, except mine was an accident!!!
    i bought a pair of true religion joey's from ebay, and then another day i was on and noticed a pair of TR's were on sale, and i was on my bf's computer and his monitor just SO HAPPENS to have a weird coloring, so i thot the jeans were darker!!
    and when they came....@#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHH
    and no refund cus it was on sale...><..i was so....@#$!!
  14. I do the same =) one pair to wear to death and then a backup pair, haha
  15. I completely understand!! I do the same thing :smile: A girl always as to have a backup ;)