Bought the purse came home hubby said...ewww. The rest is History!

  1. Hubby said ewwwwwwww that is so "blah" :P . So we went back to Burberry and got a bag for me and one for my Momma :nuts: !!! She'll be so happy. Last time I went and bought a bag she really wanted one but said she can't spend that much on a bag.
    So here they are...this is what went back but in brown straw with no checks:

    This is what I got for my Momma (my moms looks bright and vibrant like mine...this pic is just not that great) I can't wait to surprise her with it!!! She is coming over for lunch tomorrow...woohoo!!!! :biggrin: :
    And this is what we ended up for with me :love: :


    I've got my eyes on my next bag already!!!! :nuts: :love: Looky looky...
  2. Nice choices! Congrats!
  3. Cute, glad both you and your hubby are happy now :biggrin:
  4. Thank you ladies...Have a great night!!!
  5. Love those! Great choices!
  6. I like the ones you ended up with. What a nice daughter, getting one for your mom!

    By the way, since your user name is happypug, I thought I'd ask if you have a pug. I've got a pug puppy that is about four months old.
  7. Buying bags for your mother is great isnt it!! :::love::::my mommy!! :smile:
    I bought my mom a Bloise LV and I was so happy I could treat her.
  8. They're terrific! I really like yours, and think it's adorable that you bought your mom a matching bag. She'll be so happy, and think of her wonderful daughter everytime she uses it.:biggrin:
  9. great selections. enjoy. your mom will be so happy and proud that you thought of her.
  10. Matching bags is really fun! And I really like the one you've picked out next.
  11. Love your bag. Congratz and your hubby has good taste. hehe You guys are so lucky. I can never just go and buy my mom a bag. She's too picky. It has be a certain size, shape, and color.
  12. Your tote is nice! :love: All great choices :biggrin:
  13. Isn't that funny about our guys... mine just told me the LV perforated pochette I got was "eh", and didn't do anything for me. I returned it and ordered the MJ Stam in blush patent. :smile:
  14. I returned my jeans blue Paddy after my husband said it "wasn't me"...<sigh>
  15. My hubby has definite opinions about the bags I carry... go figure.:amuse: