Bought the Mulberry Araline in Claret

  1. For the incredible sale price of $278, I bought my first Mulberry bag yesterday on! (It's now out of stock).

    I love the color. Do you think this style is classic enough to hold onto for years?


    I was initially looking to purchase the Balenciaga First bag in black, so this will have to keep me happy for a while - maybe until late summer/fall.

    What do you all recommend for leather pre-treatment and care?
  2. Congrats on snagging a good deal! I should have acted fast when they had a Joni for only $597. I really missed out on that. I looked at the Araline too. I liked the shape, but I wasn't too sure about the color.
    I haven't tried many leather care products, but for what it's worth, I use Wilson's products. They're easily available and relatively inexpensive. I have the leather cleaner wipes for quick clean ups. I also have the leather lotion which makes your bag sooo soft and the waterproofing spray. They're all very good.
  3. Great deal! I love this bag however I must admit I tend to wear only bLACK bags - boring I know:shame:

    Congrats though I think its gorgeous:love:
  4. congrats!!!! i like the araline, the leather's soooo soft! and the tassels add character on the style!
  5. Like it!! I bought the Mulberry Rosemary for similar sale at Saks, and I am loving it. I treated the leather with basic waterproofing spray, and it's worked just fine. It does get more weathered and scratched up however, but it's a pretty rugged bag anyway.
  6. I agree, the style wasn't for me, nor the colour, but when I felt that leather, I almost melted - it is gorgeous! For a woman with the right wardrobe and lifestyle, that bag is a dream - congratulations!
  7. Bought one too 3 days ago! It'll be my first Mulberry :smile: Can't wait to get hold of it! :love:
  8. Mishaagui, when will you receive yours? I was hesitant about the color too at first, because it looked pink on NAP, but it is more of a bordeaux on Mulberry's website and here Style: Mulberry Soft Leather Angelica Bag (this is a similar style to the Araline).

    Thanks everyone for the compliments! I'm new to this site and am enjoying myself here! I can't wait to get it and will post pics. I love the tassels now, but I hope it's not something I'll get tired of.

    I also ordered some Lovin My Bags products today after reading about it on this forum Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags.
  9. Congrats on your new bag and on a great deal! It's a beautiful bag and very nice colour that will work with both winter- and summer colours. Good choice! :yes:
  10. In 5 days :sad: Had it shipped to my aunt in NY and she'll be flying in to Manila on Sunday.... Can't wait to hold my new "baby"! :yahoo:
  11. I just got a chocolate brown one off of an eBay auction. I'm so excited! It sounds wonderful and should be an amazing replacement for the phoebe I had to sell.

    I'm just buzzing with the thrill! I love Mulberry bags so much, and it's just wonderful to get one that I can carry (darwin leather is too heavy for me).

    Plus, there's nothing like really soft leather, is there?
  12. Congrats! I love it when I get a great deal like that!
  13. ive just snagged one too!!! got it two days ago and cant keep my hands off it!!! its so soft,i got the same colour and even though im not a red person its such a soft and expensive looking red i fell in love!! tried to find the matching purse but have been told by mulberry they havnt made one in this colour or the green so i will have to find something else.congrats on a lovely bag and such good taste lol!!! paula x
  14. congrats! awesome deal!! :biggrin: