bought the linda

  1. today i went to bloomingdales to check out the bags one more time (where i work is about 10 minutes away from bloomies, so how could i resist?)...anyway, i saw the linda with the rest of the kooba bags and fell in love with her! the shoulder drop is at exactly the right place...the bag holds a ton of stuff, it's not heavy and the leather is amazing! not sure if any of you have seen the linda yet, but, she's definitely worth checking out!!!
  2. I saw the Linda at Nordies and thought the same thing, perfect strap drop, not too big nor too little, holds alot of stuff.

    Good choice.
  3. Definitely a good choice. What color?
  4. Want to see! (please):yes:
  5. Linda - Kooba Official Store
    i got it in's just a gorgeous bag, lighter than most koobas that i, now i have a new linda and a new cassandra...and i'm on a ban for TEN YEARS!!!!
  6. Congrats! I like that bag:tup:. I cant wait till next week I am going to Las Vegas so I will be able to see some of these bags IRL. We have no stores that carry Kooba not even our Nordstroms.:crybaby:
  7. Songofthesea, 2 Kooba bags - congratulations. Can't wait to see pics. Very curious about your Cassandra.