Bought the Legacy Hippie bag!

  1. I bought the Legacy Hippie bag in the khaki/ebony signature on Saturday. :yahoo: It is only available by order, so I should receive it later this week. I'll post pics when I do!

    But I was quite disappointed in the SA's this time around. I usually get great service at the boutique, but there were a number of young SA's there who were either chatting amongst themselves and one on the phone talking about personal problems. And after getting off the phone she walked right by me (standing at the counter) without even saying hello!

    So there I was with $400 in cash, waiting to spend it, and no one even gave me the time of day. Finally a manager came out of the back and said hi. I told her I was shocked that I hadn't been helped, and she looked up the item I wanted, put in her associate number and then passed me off to another associate to ring up!

    NEVER have I been treated like that in that boutique. I think I'll take my future business to the Bayshore store instead.

    Regardless, I am glad I ordered the bag, and I cannot wait to receive it. I already have the legacy signature wristlet, so I will match.
  2. i can't BELIEVE they acted that like!
    but that's happened to me before...if i'm going to drop money like that, you better believe i want service! i don't really think it's too much to ask, you know?
    (then, of course, there are times when i have so many sa's around me that i just want my space!)

    PLEASE post pics when you get it!!!
  3. Aw :sad: That kind of service would make me so mad. The MAC counter at Marshall Field's used to totally ignore me so I never went back.
    But congrats on the bag :smile: If happen to get this job I have an interview for tomorrow I told mom we're both getting new bags (Well she doesn't even have ONE purse) and I will get the hippie :smile:
    You don't happen to be in WI, are you?
  4. Darwin, I AM in WI! I just noticed your location in a previous post (I don't see it there now, so maybe I am imagining things...). I went to the Mayfair boutique yesterday and the Pleasant Prairie outlet. But I hear Bayshore just reopened after a remodel and I haven't seen them yet, so I think I'll make my next trip there. Marshall Field's (Macy's) usually has a great selection, but they didn't have anything new over the weekend.

    Good luck on the job interview! I hope you get it and that you celebrate with a new bag!
  5. Haha, it was there, but I was going to do something and deleted that instead of whatever I was intending on doing.
    I wanted to go to Bayshore this weekend but decided it would be crazy insane. I think it opened just on Friday. I've only been in the Mayfair Coach store once, but I really didn't like it. Too crowded or something?
    And thanks! :biggrin: I think either way I'll end up with a new bag, whether out of celebration or pity party, lol.
  6. I'm in WI too! I am went to the Pleasant Prairie store on Thursday. I was going to order the Legacy Hippie as well. I went in and felt like I was at a party that I was not invited too since all the SA's seemed to be having a great time. So I left without ordering it. Although, I think it really helps me because I was so worried when that Coach open because I thought I would go broke, but now that the service seems to get worse everytime I go in, they are helping me to stay away.
  7. Yay! I want to go to the outlet like, every time I have a minute to think. :P I want to find a smaller collar for my dog, but I'm not going to shell out the big $$$ since I'd have to get one for my mom's dog. Cuz I'm awesome and still live with mommy :smile: :smile: :/
  8. Pleasant Prairie had dog collars when I was there on Saturday, but I didn't check the size or the price, since I don't have a dog!

    Isaroo, if you aren't getting the service you want at Bayshore or Mayfair, call the Chicago store. Everytime I call there (which has been a lot lately, to get info on things), I get the BEST service. They are so friendly and nice. I feel somewhat guilty that I didn't call them for the Hippie, but I think I'll call them next time I want to order something.

    There are also some very helpful SA's here on the board you can order through, too!
  9. There is no excuse for that terrible service. It makes me think of years and years ago (80's?) when you'd have to wait until a salesperson finished a personal conversation to get waited on. Huge pet peeve of mine. Things changed as money became tighter and employees were held to a far better CS standard.

    I too "vote with my feet" and typically let the store know why I won't be back. I also make a point to let employees and managers know when I've had excellent service.

    You will love that bag!!! Enjoy!
    I had to have the Hippie as soon as I saw it :yes:
  10. I called this morning and ordered the Hippie in Whiskey from Chicago. :yahoo: My sister lives close enough to pick it up for me. Plus, it gives her a valid excuse for her husband as to why she has to go to the store. I haven't been to the Bayshore or Mayfair stores yet because I don't get up to Milwaukee very often. I tend to head towards Chicago on my shopping trips because my family is down there, 2 birds with one stone.
  11. Congrats, it is a really beautiful bag. I am sorry about the service you received, i hate when that happends.
  12. pictures of the hippie? I'm wanting to order it and was hoping I could find a pic or two!
  13. Congrats.
  14. msflutter: kitskats posted a great picture of her leather Legacy Hippie bag, and I'll post as soon as I receive mine later this week. Otherwise, the only other photo I know of is on the Coach website when you click Legacy at the top and then click Handbags. There is a photo of the leather hippie bag in the upper left, though it is not listed for sale with the other bags.
  15. thanks! I just ordered it, there was a good pic in the store holiday catalogue. Hopefully i will get it at the beginning of next week!

    cant wait to see yours!