Bought the last Mirage Speedy!!!!!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just had the best Christmas ever by purchasing my first LV bag. :yahoo: I am so excited to join your exclusive LV club.

    After reading the forums and learning/researching all the bags, I fell in love with the the LE Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux. Unfortunately, I discovered that it was sold out EVERYWHERE!!! There were only two left last week in NY-Soho and St. Thomas. Soho told me that it was being held for another customer. I called St. Thomas and they had one left and it was my favorite color - bordeaux! I love the patent merlot colored handles and bordeaux microsuede interior - makes me want to drink wine. I gave them my CC card and two days later I received my FIRST LV PURCHASE!!!! The LV reps were wonderful and they invited me to come to St. Thomas for a vacation to show off my bag and to celebrate my first LV purchase with a glass of champagne. Nice touch!

    I will try to attach a few pictures.
    IMG_1535.JPG IMG_1533.JPG IMG_1530.JPG
  2. OMG!!!!! YOU TOTALLY SCORED!!!! Congrats... I love it!!!
  3. Wow, the Mirage Speedy is your 1st LV?? :nuts:

    Lucky, Lucky, Lucky you .... she is absolutely stunning.

    I would LOVE to own that beauty.

  4. Drooling! Congrats!
  5. it's stunning! congrats! & sounds like the LV reps are pretty amazing, too! =]
  6. She's a beaut! Congrats on the new baby. :biggrin:
  7. Congrats! That bag is stunning.
  8. Since I am 37 and I haven't treated myself to a LV yet, I decided to "GO BIG OR GO HOME". Plus I just got a big sales bonus at work.

    It was exactly what I was looking for.....classic LV with the speedy style in the mono, but unique and special with the Mirage pattern and patent handles. I could just squeal I am so excited!!!! I can't believe that I found it. I am still dealing with sticker shock though $2,000 with tax.

    Thank you everyone for your posts. It helped me decide. But now I am already looking for my next bag......:rolleyes:
  9. It is sooo gorgeous --- congratulations :smile: You definately went big!! haha Enjoy your first LV

  10. good for you!!!!! :yahoo: congrats on your first and very special LV. i have a mirage speedy in noir and it is oh so lovely. hope to see you posting more LV purchases in the future ;)
  11. What a great way to start!!! MAJOR congrats!
  12. Congratulations! Nice choice for your first LV. Happy Holidays!
  13. Fun story. Congrats on finding the bag. It's hot.
  14. thats a good way to start your collection, a LE bag!!!
    congrats, she is beautiful!!
  15. Gorgeous! Enjoy her. What a wonderful way for you to to kick off 2008!