Bought the GiGi in Walnut!!

  1. I initially bought the GiGi in the brown signature, which is fabulouos! But, I wasn't sure it was *the one*, so I ordered it today in Walnut leather. It's not as red as the Whiskey, which I liked, but isn't as dark as you would think.

    I should get it early next week since they didn't have any in-store. She did say they had 500 in the system though.

    Opinions on which I should keep? The dark brown sig. or the walnut leather?

    Thanks ladies!!
  2. Wow, I really like these bags. I need to ask, would this be an everyday bag like one for work or when you have more stuff to tote around ? I think it was a good idea getting in the lighter weight signature, enjoy !
  3. Well, I suppose I'm a little different from most of you ladies in that I use my Coachies as diaper bags. I don't really care for the designated diaper bag, so I currently use the Ergo tote for my toddler. But I'm expecting another kiddo, so I wanted a bigger bag for both of them.

    I'm leaning towards the sig because, after all, that's what I picked first. But the leather is soooo nice. And the color is fab!!
  4. I understand, I have a toddler and an infant and I don't like carrying the generic diaper bags either and I don't really like the diaper optic stuff so the gigi would be perfect ! I just wouldn't put juice boxes, sippy cups or bottles in it, just put in a separate zipper waterproof type bag so you don't ruin that beautiful legacy liniing or get any bad smells.
  5. I wonder if the Walnut leather will be more like the Whiskey and Natural colors, in that they scratch up easily, or more like the Black and White leather that wears well and doesn't scuff as much.
    Does anyone know?
  6. I just ordered it too in the Walnut! I hope that I love it!
  7. CONGRATS and I hope you LOVE IT! Post photos soon as it arrives.
  8. Oh I have the Gigi in Whisky, what does the Walnut look like? I can't find that color online.
  9. Walnut is a mahogany color. It will not be online until early January.
  10. Definitely the walnut!! Can't wait to see pics!