Bought the GHD @ sephora today...

  1. So even though I have a pretty good straightener (Paul Mitchell smoothing iron)...i went ahead and went to sephora to try the GHD...they didn't have a tester so i ended up buying it, came home, washed my hair, dried it...and tried the is my review:

    I was surprised at how fast it heated up first of all...i have VERY FRIZZY curly hair but it is mostly FRIZZY..anyway, i sectioned my hair how i usually do and went ahead and straighted my hair as usual with the GHD...I had to go over the pieces a few times to get it as straight as i want but overall, it cut my straightening time a little less than half which is a plus. my hair also feels much lighter than when i straighten my hair with my paul mitchell. I also get A LOT of kinks with the Paul mitchell after about an hour so I have yet to see whether the GHD will give me kinks after ironing my hair.. I am not too impressed with how "flat" my hair is because i did go through my hair quickly and i know that i can get it Flatter if i were to go over the pieces a few more times that what i did but the thing that impressed me the most is how smooth the plates are when running through my hair and how fast it took me to straighten it... i will update you all and let you knmow if i will get any "kinks" and if i will have to go over a few pieces..

    overall though, i think it's a great straightener =)
  2. which GHD did you get? The MK4?
  3. Do you "blow it out" first, with a round brush?
  4. what's the MK4??? oh no is this a new one??

    I just got the GHD "NEW" Styler..not the "original"
  5. no i never blow dry my hair with a round brush that would take me SO long and plus its hard to do to my own hair .. just blowdry it till it's dry.
  6. Congrats on purchasing the GHD! How was your hair a few hours later? Were you still happy with it or did you have to go over it again?
  7. cool! I'm waiting for my new T3 flat iron to come in the mail any day now!
  8. i actually had to do it again!!! but overall it turned out REALLY smooth & straight. i dont mind doing it twice...even if i do it twice w/ my paul mitchell, it's still kinks...does anyone know what the MK4 Is and if its sold at sephora and whats the difference?
  9. i'm actually thinking of purchasing a GHD soon before the F&F offer at Sephora expires...however I wish someone would do an overview on all people who tried a certain brand could comment on how well it straightened, how long it took you, and how was the end result......
  10. you can probably avoid the kinks entirely if you use a brush while you blow dry your hair - not to necessarily blow it out straight, but just to get the process started. that made a HUGE difference in the quality of my straightening, even though it didn't take any longer for me to do it since i wasn't trying to get it super straight. it didn't take any longer, even though my hair is coarse and VERY curly. it was actually is quicker, i think. it made my CHI results a lot better, even though i hated my CHI. might want to give it a shot.
  11. I agree with Amanda.

    You should try drying it with a brush first, and then use the GHD after. I think it will make a huge difference, and you definitely shouldn't have any kinks in your hair if you do it this way.

    If you do try it, be sure to update and let us know how it goes! Good luck! :smile:
  12. Congratualtions...!!:drinks: you will NEVER regret buying a GHD. Hope you are using a heat preotecant serum to protect your hair? I just love GHD and would not use any other brand.
  13. hmm will have to buy a brush..round brush correct? My hair is so poofy i cant use brushes on my hair so i dont own one single brush! lol...
  14. I've noticed that blowdrying with a round brush just to get an initial shape helps a lot. I notice that if I just let it air dry or run the dryer through it real quick without bothering to style it, it'll start to kink up almost immediately. I know how hard it is to style by blowdrying....I can't do my whole head so I just do the front, and once I get that part done I just flip my head over and blow the rest out. The result is a huge (and I mean HUGE) mess, but if I were to do the whole thing my hands would be permanently cramped and my arms would be completely dead. Smoothing at least a LITTLE of it out while wet really does make a difference though!
  15. I actually do mine with a paddle brush, as does my stylist, but my previous stylist used a round brush. Either will work for this purpose. I know ALL about not owning a brush, I never did until i started blowing my hair out, but it's honestly faster (all the air gets concentrated on the hair it's drying, which means all the energy goes toward drying your hair, instead of just part of it) and yields MUCH better results. I used my GHD once on hair I had let dry naturally, and the results weren't nearly as good as when i blew it out first. i really think it's the key to the whole process. my brush is a cheap conair, and it was well worth the money.