bought the bag I never ever thought i would!

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  1. a black kelly.....................i must be getting old.:smile:
  2. Congrats! Which one did you get?

  3. black 35 with gold. souple. i believe its evergrain or something
  4. Lovely!! I bought myself something blue... I must be getting younger!
  5. Now Hold on a little minute here, girls!!!!!! We need some pictures!!!!

    Hermesaholic- a Black Kelly is fantastic!!!!

    Rose - um....and what "something blue" did you get?????
  6. Fantastic, congratulations! Please post pictures if you can!
  7. Tres chic, Hermesaholic!

    Good for you, Rose!! I was so hoping you would buy that little something blue.
  8. Yes pics please!!!!

  9. Thanks--I was despairing of finding an Hermes "basic". By basic I mean two things: large and neutral in color. My bag collection is colorful to say the least and I decided I needed a black or tan. I dont do dark brown or warm browns like cognac/noisette etc. I like bolides but the larger sizes are in that smushy clemence which i dotn much like. This has that debutante slouch as the leather is heavy and smooth........It has gold hardware which I never buy but in this classic a bag it works fine.
  10. Hermesaholic, wonderful!! Big thumbs up on a great size and color. And, are NOT getting're very classy!

  11. will work on pics tomorrow..................
  12. Can't wait. Sounds gorgeous.
  13. Black Kelly Is A Magnificent Bag & Gorgous In Evergrain! Enjoy!....I Love For All Ages!!!!

  14. thanks--its so sleek and understated too.............i kind of wish it had silevr hardware which is what I always buy. I have turned down fabulous birkins b/c I dont like gold on my bags but with this it was just so classic. It someone seems more majestic with gold. (not like i had the choice)
  15. i think i will want one too but once i get a lot older maybe in my 40's
    congrats on your new bag the black is a classic