Bought Thames GM - Love her but.....

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  1. So I finally bought the Thames GM in DE, but I'm second guessing my decision because now I'm left with more DE than mono bags. I also have the EVA in DE and while they serve totally different purposes, wondering if they just look too similar with the large gold plate.

    If you are a Thames Mono owner - do you like the patina on the bag or should I just stick with my carefree Thames DE?

    BTW - I love the bag - great shoulder carry bag - should have taken the plunge sooner :smile:
  2. If you love the bag....then keep it!!!! I think it's got a different look than the eva!!!!! I have a bloomsbury gm and eva in DE!!!! And would buy the thames as well!!! Different purposes and different looks!!!! ;)
  3. Totally diff bags!

    I own a Galliera Azur PM and would love a Thames GM but hence similarities i stray lol its a beautiful bag but if you find you have more DE then mono perhaps you love being carefree and not worrying about bags aging. I Love DE :heart:
  4. I do love it, but I love the Mono too!! I had sold my Galliera, so maybe I'm leaning towards the Mono as a replacement piece. But I do love the "forever young" look of DE (no aging patina - lol)!
  5. Yep, I do wonder how the patina will look on an aging Thames Mono :smile: I've seen a few pics that have some light patina that look fine - but DE is great for being so carefree!
  6. OK, think I just answered my own question. Looked up some Thames on ebay and don't think I'm crazy about the very dark patina on this bag (just my personal preference) - so I guess I'll stick with my DE :smile:
  7. I have the Thames GM in DE and LVOE it. It really fits more than it looks like it would and makes a great everyday bag. I was going to buy the mono Thames GM but was not feeling it as much in the mono. I love the brass plate and I think its fine to have both. I like the eva but it is way too small for me. I love the plate on the Galleria and Berkeley as well.
  8. Any shots of the thames? Eheh maybe i can justify having a galliera pm and a thames :smile: LOL
  9. I don't have a phone camera or I'd take a pic - need to get an iPhone :smile:

    Get the Thames in the DE! It will look totally different from the Galliera.
  10. Thanks - I'm keeping the DE :smile: Yes, it holds surprisingly alot! I'm very pleased. I like the brass plates too - dresses up the bag.
  11. Yeah! I am glad to hear you are keeping it....:biggrin:
  12. I really love DE :smile: and sad portobello has no red interior. Do you have both?
  13. i think its different enough to own both :smile:
    i have a galliera pm and eva de is certainly on my wishlist too!

    enjoy your new thames
  14. It doesn't have red interior? One of the main reasons I love DE!
    What color is it inside? :nogood:
  15. Portobello has chocolate brown microfiber