Bought something to go with my keepalls today

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  1. Bisten 70


  2. wow so beautiful congrats!
  3. Wow! I'm sure keepall's go great! Huge Congrats!
  4. GORGEOUS! that is definitely draw-dropping..... i love seeing lv luggage at the airport. :] congrats!
  5. Wow congrats! the hard luggage is the ultimate to me.....
  6. wow gorgeous!'s really stunning.
  7. Just Wow!
  8. OH MY GUCCI! That is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful:biggrin: great find!
  9. Congratulations!!!
  10. that is absolutely stunning. congrats on such a great new addition
  11. AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. So amazing!!! Congrats on such a beautiful piece :smile:
  13. Incredible! Congratulations!
  14. Congrats! :greengrin: Will you travel with it, or display it? or both?
  15. Oh my fricking gawd. It's just perfect!! :drool::faint::drool:

    Pleeeeease promise me though that you won't ever check this at the airport? :crybaby: Check the Keepalls, save this for trains or boats or car trips. Or as a gorgeous piece in your home, a blanket box or something!