Bought something, then came home to PCE card!

  1. So I have a somewhat unusual question. I'm a seasonal employee at an outlet mall, and bought a few things at the full retail store a few days ago. One of the bracelets I bought didn't qualify for the discount. Then, I came home to a PCE card!

    So my question is, will they let me come back in and rebuy the bracelet with the PCE discount? Or can I not use it, even though I'm only seasonal? I'm still so clueless about how things work there! But I know that the outlet has given price adjustments before, so I thought it was possible that I could go back!
  2. Yes, you can get a price adjustment. I did it on a bag I bought a couple of weeks ago but had not yet used. Just ask for the store's manager because I think they have to give the OK.
  3. I don't see why they wouldn't let you get the difference back. Let us know how it goes if you try it out.
  4. I called today. They said no because employees aren't allowed to use the card :sad: they can do it only if my manager calls them and tells them to make an exception because I am only working for another week.

    so I have to decide whether I want to keep it knowing I paid $30 more than I had to... Somehow that bothers me more than the price, yknow? Like, I didn't care how much it cost when I bought it but now that I know I could have had it cheaper I don't want to pay that anymore.
  5. Don't wear the bracelet, wait the week until you aren't an employee anymore, take it back and get the discount. It would totally bug the heck out of me whether the difference was $20 or $200. Depends on if you think the $30 is worth the hassle. I would. That's another accessory you can buy.

    I had something similar happen to me once, but not at Coach. I bought something for my DH at Sears. The next day it was on sale. I took it back and asked for the difference in price. The SA said they couldn't do that. So I said, okay, then I would like to return it and buy it again. LOL. Apparently, that is okay! So what do I care if it takes more work for the SA? IMHO, Not allowing the customer the difference in price one day after they purchase the item is a dumb store policy and causes more work for their employees.
  6. k2sealer, that really happened to you at Sears? That is so ridiculous! I use to work at Sears and we always do price adjustments especially if it went on sale the next day. That employee was probably new or didn't know how to do it. I hate dealing with SA's like that.
  7. Yep. Really happened at Sears. It was about a year ago and I don't even remember what I bought for DH. I'm sure it was some kind of tool doohickey. I thought it was kinda a dumb policy at the time because I had an easy work around (for me - not so much for the poor SA) if they said no on the price adjustment. I used to work for the Cable Company and we did adjustments for customers all the time. The customer would call with one channel not working and we would credit them for all their service for the whole day. Usually it only worked out to a couple of bucks, but it always made the customer happy.
  8. ^^ wow almost anyplace has at least a 7 day price adjustment policy! I would think sears would be great about that kind of stuff!
  9. NO. you cannot. because you're an associate you can not use the pce cards, they are for customers only. if you try and do that, the managers will be really upset and likely to call your store and rat you out. that's a huge no no.
  10. But she won't be there after a week or so so she should be able to use it as a customer, right?
  11. sure if you want the store and the sa's to think you're shady and cheap.
  12. wow...l can think to say at the moment.
  13. Some of your comments are rude, and unnecessary.
  14. Some? More like most....
  15. While I agree that the way this was said was harsh, it is dishonest to sign an employee agreement and then not follow through. It would be considered stealing from an employer.