Bought something for my mom and now REALLY regret it...

  1. I went to the LV boutique today hoping to find something for my mom for Christmas. Even though I'm a college student and don't make a ton of money working part-time, I love to spoil my mom since she NEVER buys herself anything nice. I feel like she really deserves it - she works for a major shipping company and is SO busy this this time of the year (today she woke up at 5 and didn't come home until 10, I'm not even exaggerating).

    She's kind of hard to buy for because she feels uncomfortable carrying a bag, so last year I got her a monogram wallet she could keep in her pocket and she really loved it. This year I didn't know what to get her, but on an impulse I saw the vernis four-key holder in amarante and thought it would be lovely for her. I wasn't really thinking about how practical it would be - when I brought it home I realized her set of keys is huge and looked ridiculous next to the key-holder. Now I'm at a loss for what to do.

    I know that I have to return it, but I really don't know what else to get. I thought you ladies might be some help. I want to stay around or below that price range ($250), and I want it to be something she can actually use. *sigh* Any advice?
  2. Would a mono or damier 6 key holder work? I have one and it fits all of my keys. Would she use an agenda? Good Luck, I know how hard it is trying to buy a gift for a Mom, mine is super tough, so she got a gift certificate and we can go shopping together.
  3. How about a cles? My keys are too big to fit into a regular key holder too, so I just keep them hanging ...
  4. what about a gift certificate to LV. i don't think your mom expects you to buy her extravagant things all the time. this way, she can chip in and get something she likes :smile:
  5. Yeah for keys a cles in any of the canvas/mini lins would be great! not the vernis ones though...too tight to fit keys in. Can double up as a coin purse too if she doesn't wana use for keys.
  6. I know she doesn't expect me to buy extravagant things for her, but she basically covers all my expenses plus pays for my schooling, so I really like to give back in the small way that I can. I normally work overtime before I leave school so that I can save up a little bit for the holidays, I just can't really spend a crazy amount of money. The gift certificate could work.

    I think I may go back and look into the cles as others have suggested, this time with my sister with me to help me out. I love all the suggestions though, they're really helping!
  7. I love my vernis cles. I use it to put some money in and my license and credit card when I don't feel like carrying a purse or wallet. So this might be something she would like.
    That is so sweet of you to think of something special for your mom.
  8. Return and get a vernis cles!! My keys are much too big to fit in a key holder, but the cles is great as a key chain that holds my ID and subway card-- plus if you get your mom a bag later it can be an accessory!!
  9. I also think a Cles would be a great gift
  10. Hmm, well, I'm sure she can open up her schedule for you and you drag her, and she can pick out something nice within your price range. It won't be a suprise, but she'll think of you when she uses it.
  11. how about a mini pochette? $255, or a regular pochette$285
    or a credit card holder, $125 (i love mine!)
  12. how about a pochette ($285)? I think your mom can use it as a wallet if she has lots stuffs. Or a mini pochette ($255). She can use it alone or inside her purse.
    Good Luck!
  13. how about a mini pochette in mono or azur? those are adorable and she can use it as a make up bag??? i think theyre around 225?? another thing is an LV scarf.... they are really nice and als around 200 or maybe less. good luck!
  14. Vernis cles would be a great present. They are very pretty-fancy looking and not too expensive. I thought of getting my mom some LV purse but I couldn't afford it bc i'm a college student as well. so good for you!
  15. cles or pochette! love my pomme vernis one, but it is a tight fit with 2 cards and a couple bills.