Bought some items from a website, paid with paypal, never received item >>

  1. it's been 1 month now, and i still haven't got it, and I told her through paypal a week ago, because she wasn't returning my emails, and now she's not responding on paypal...time to escalate?
    Also is there somewhere I can write about it, so that other people know not to buy from that website?
  2. First of all, where did you buy from? If you bought from the US, it might still be stuck at customs. I had to wait several times about 8 weeks to get things stuck at customs. But they always arrive eventually.
    If that's not the problem, you have to contact Paypal as soon as possible (there is a time limit to file a claim) and let them know about the situation. They will give you paperwork to fill in.
    Also, file a complaint via eBay. They will first try to go the nice way, giving you the seller's details. You might want to call him/her or write to him/her. If that does not give anything, you file the official complaint. eBay is generally not very active there, but thank god you paid via Paypal and if all goes well, you'll get your money back. I was once in the same situation and was fully reimbursed.
    Last but not least, dishonest sellers should be banned from eBay but they are really reluctant to do that. So the next best thing, in my opinion, is to let as many people as possible know about them. Spread the word that you got scammed by X!!
    Hope this helps!!:smile:
  3. I think a month is a long time to wait. If they've stopped responding, then it's time to escalate! You can warn us about the website here?! Depends on what the site sells I guess...
  4. From website?? Is it large company/website? Have you ever purchase from them before? Just escalate your claim if no response nor your item till 1 month!