Bought some funky leather boots...opinions??!! thanks:)

  1. Ok, I've been looking for brown leather slouch boots for a while. I found these instead at a really great price. They are brown, leather but not slouchy. I like all the details but i'm not sure if they are cute or over the top.

    I will only be wearing them with skirts since I don't wear pants and I want to look like a fashion "do" not "don't" lol.:p

    They are actually Rockports so they are really pretty comfy. Not as comfy as flat boots but still I would wear them all day.

    ok, people let the opinons begin:nogood:

  2. Cute!! I have a pair of Rockports I wear everyday when it snows...they are very comfy!!! Loves them!!
  3. I actually like them alot!
  4. thanks. i really think I like them.
    I live in florida so i know I don't "need" boots, but i figure I can get away with them on colder days or if i travel somewhere colder.

    i was trying to convince hubby why I "need" another pair of boots so i showed him this months Lucky magazine which has a page about flat riding boots and he was like, "oh, cool I see why you need them now..."

    he's so cute. :rolleyes:

    thanks for the opinions.
  5. I like them. really cute!
  6. Hi Chanmutt! I'm sorry, but I really don't like these. If they didn't lace up, I might be on board, but I am not a fan of this particular style.
  7. for those who like these boots... what would you wear them with?

    a girly dress?
    jean skirt and t-shirt?
    straight skirt and floaty top?

    all of the above?;)

    Thanks again!
  8. I love them! I'd probably wear them with jean skirts or a straight skirt. Not so sure how they would look with a girly dress.
  9. Nay sorry!
  10. Cute
  11. Not my taste :amuse:
  12. Sorry... I think it might look good with jeans tucked in, but not with a skirt.
  13. i think these boots look great. maybe it's b/c i'm from nyc, where i see many chic women wearing boots, especially in the colder seasons. they carry off the booted look in many ways. lots of tights and skirts with the 40 and below crowd. and the fact that it's a rich dark brown is even better, since it goes with more things. it's very popular to wear boots that are a little more "tough" with feminine things.
  14. It looks very cool, it has a rock look!! I like it a lot!!
    Great Buy!!
  15. i think you could do better... the style is ok, but I personally think these would look AWFUL with skirts. Sorry:tdown: