bought some bags today =x

  1. Though I've said 'hi' on the newcomer's thread, I haven't posted since them (not a lot of time lol)

    Anyways, I'm not too sure about today's purchases. I'm thinking about not keeping the Bulga (too big, perhaps I'll look slightly ridiculous?) I'm not sure about the Jimmy Choo (I'll probably get it so dirty!) or the smaller Mulberry either... Any opinions? Thx :smile:

    Oh and pls excuse my dirty room I really need to clean it, I've tried to crop out more of the mess LOL...



  2. No no no, keep the Bulga.. I love it!! Hehe. I'm looking to get a Crescent myself. Is it really that big? Doesn't look it. You have a pic of yourself carrying it? AND I like the JC bag a lot too. Sorry I'm not help.. I'm telling you to keep the bags you're thinking of returning :p
  3. ok I do have a pic of the Bulga, but was hesitant to post because I am thinking maybe it is too large? anyway here it is lol

  4. awsome pictures! i'm not an expert on handbags just yet, so you'll have to bear with me when i say i like all of them but that suede one... but still, lovely bags, great taste! very timeless pieces!
  5. hey well i really like the bulga i think its a good size the little white one (choo?) i think would be too small for me
    but anything white you have to remember may get dirty :smile: so just be super careful

    I dont know what the other 2 bags are but i love the color of the smaller brown one and i think it looks really good on you

    the other brown one looks like a good size , what type of bag is that, it hink its cute t:huh:! :smile: great buys !!!!

    if i had to pick one to give back for ME! it would be the smallest white one but thats just me im sure many would disagree (esp, since a lot of times on this forum ppl dont care how things look just the brand name and how much they cost, so most would say choo is the most $$ and biggest name brand so keep that one)
    BUT i dont go by that i go by how things look !:smile:
  6. I like the Bulga! I say keep that one :smile:

  7. hmm thx you have a lot of good input lol! the brown ones are both mulberry. i think i'll try to fit my stuff in the choo and see how well it fits. i think it is terribly cute (but small as you said) and eek i will have to be so careful with it.
  8. i actually like the 2 smaller ones on you. you look fab with them. i don't really like bayswater in any material other than leather (darwin and congo). the bulga in my personal view is a bit too large for you.

    HTH. :smile:
  9. I like them all a ton but I'm not a huge fan of the bayswater... I don't care for the ones that aren't made of leather.

    I LOVE the Bulga and the smaller Mulberry bags! The Choo is cute too! You look adorable with it!

  10. yes i really prefer the leather bayswater... but this one was cheap. it's my cheap thinking LOL... (got it for way under retail.... less than $800 i think that's the only thing holding me back from returning it... though i suppose i could sell it)
  11. The Choo is so classy and a hot little summer number!!:wlae:
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!

    the CHOO is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Oooh congrats! you rock those bags :biggrin:
  14. Cute Choo! :yes: It's from the Tulita line, I believe.

    I've been thinking about getting the green Tulita bag below, called the Tam.

  15. I like the two smaller bags on you.