Bought 'Sac Camera' today...what do you think?

  1. What do you all think of this bag, which I bought today at Saks? I needed a brown bag for Fall (what I initially really wanted was a coco cabas, but since they're not making those anymore, I figured I'd look around for something else). The pictures don't do the color justice - it's this gorgeous, not shiny, purple-ish chocolate brown. Very soft! The size is great for me too. Does anyone else have this bag? If so, what is the upkeep like on this type of leather? The Saks SA was gone by the time I came back to get it (she told me to walk around for 30 min while they got the bag up from storage, and when i came back 15 min later, she was gone for the day. amazing that you're spending $2500 on a bag and get so little in the way of customer service. so I didn't get to ask any questions about how to treat the leather etc because none of the other SA"s wanted anything to do with me since they obviously would not be selling me a bag.)
    so, what do you all think of it? Do you think that it will be a style that'll be around for awhile? I have never seen this style before - is it new? I liked it because it wasn't screaming out the logo (the only place you see it is the cc on the zipper pull), which is kind of my speed. ok, sorry for the rambling post! I'm just excited about the bag but wondering if i should check some of the chanel stores to see what other styles in a brown leather everyday bag are out there before making my mind up on this one.
    P1010494.JPG P1010495.JPG P1010496.JPG P1010497.JPG P1010502.JPG
  2. P.S. The SA at Saks in nyc told me they have one coco cabas in black that they just got.
  3. I don't have this bag, but have seen it. I think it's very pretty, and it looks like it holds a lot too. The color looks very rich, congrats!
  4. I love it. Congrats!
  5. I think this bag is gorgeous, but the coco cabas in bronze are around...just thought you should know if that was the bag you really wanted...
  6. great, thank you - that's just the kind of info i was looking for! do you all think that brown leather will be easy to keep clean?
  7. Nice bag but give it a second thought since it isn't what you wanted at the first place!I like the cabas more!keep us posted!:yes:
  8. oh the lovely les marais collection.
    Any bag from this collection is going to be spectaular !!!
  9. Oh I LOVE all of the bags in Le Marais collection! You have the bowler - I bought the flap in that same dark brown but returned it since my MC flap is pretty similar.

    Anyway, the leather is a distressed, tumbled lambskin that seems very durable. I don't think you'll need to baby this bag in any way.

    It's a really different bag than the baby cabas...I like how it's not as popular (or ubiquitous) than the baby cabas, but whether that translates into "instant classic" is a matter of debate. If you love it, keep it!
  10. very pretty, i like it.
  11. i think the shape is probably better for me than the cabas (i'm only 5' 1"). but i'm still going to hold off on wearing it til i can get to the chanel boutique this week and see what my other options for a brown bag are! i agree with you FanAddict, on how nice and subtle it is! thanks for weighing in guys!
  12. love it! It looks perfect on you!
  13. it's really pretty.. i actually like it better than the cabas..
  14. nice color..cute bag...wear it in good health