Bought on Ebay but cannot pay with PP


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Feb 25, 2007
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Thanks for everyone's advice. Yes, I am worried that she has issues with her Paypal account and that the invoice is coming from a different account. I am also aware that I will have Paypal protection, but I am just wondering if my eBay protection will be void because she is invoicing me from an account that is not associated with her eBay account. Also, I eBay is now offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed and I am wondering if there is any issue with the shoes if it would be more beneficial going through eBay versus Paypal. Maybe I am thinking too deep into this, but it does worry me that her PP account associated with her eBay account cannot accept PP payments. I have asked her why and when her account may be restored to normal and she has not told me.
If there's an issue with the shoes, i.e. SNAD, you would be better off and find it easier with an ebay claim. (It's been said many times that you can file disputes through either ebay or PP but generally, ebay is better for SNAD and PP is better for INR.)

In this case, I suggest you call ebay and ask them about your protection.
Sep 1, 2009
In the cases I cited, we were the buyers so I don't know what the sellers were seeing with regard to seller protection eligibility. I can only assume they say that they were protected since they didn't balk at accepting the payments and sending the items.

As a seller, I've never had reason (nor do I have more than one PP account) to use a different account to accept payments so I don't know the protection.

However, since it's the seller making the suggestion to use a different account, the buyer should be very specific in the payment notes including the item number. And if it were my purchase, I'd use a c.c. for my own extra protection.