bought new bag and recieved a used one.

  1. :cursing: i am so mad i bought a lv bag from a reputable seller on eBay and was supposed to recieveing a brand new bag, but ended up recieveing a used bag. i am so mad. also the seller has issues and that is putting it litely.
  2. What is the item number?
  3. Have you contacted the seller and asked if it might be a mistake? If the seller is unresponsive you can open up a SNAD with PayPal. Good luck!
  4. i contacted the seller and at first they were really nice and tried telling me that the item was damaged in transit, but the box wwas perfect. so it had to be sent that way. the patina on the bottom of the bag was all strached up and there was water marks on the handles. i contacted lv and was told it would be around $300 to fix, so he offered me 250 to get it fixed or he said i could send it back. but i decided i would reather keep it and evenutally get it fixed when i have the time.i have alot of health problemsalso. this all happened in late aug. this week i recieve a email from him demanding i give him back the 250. well i didn't get the bag fixed yet and i was waiting to get it fixed for when i plan on using it cause it is a limited ed. bag. i wanted to know what evrybody thinks. cause i never made an agreement with him to get it fixed right away and i feel it is my business when i get it fixed. if you pm me i will be more then happy to email you pictures of the bag.
  5. That is nuts! I am so sorry to hear that happened. Were the pictures of the bag in the listing showing a new bag? I hope everyhting works out for you. And, no, I don't believe you should have to return the $250 because as you said yourself, its your business when you get the bag fixed. Good luck!
  6. yes the pictures were showing a brand new bag. and this person is a repuable seller on eBay which everbody buys from. it just makes you not want to trust anybody.
  7. it's definately your business wether you decide to get it fixed or not. the $250 is your partial refund for recieving a damaged bag. IMO, once the transaction's done, he's outta the picture. getting the money back? what was he thinking?
  8. thanks everybody for your answers. i just wanted to make sure i wasn't crazy. i think that will be the last time i buy an expensive bag off eBay.
  9. He's sounds crazy - how does he even know you haven't fixed it yet?? It's none of his bus & I wouldn't give him any $$ back or any more info on what you are or are not doing.
  10. that's not very nice of the seller. the $250 that he sent you, was it a partial refund on your original payment to him or it was a new Paypal transaction when he sent you the $250? If it's a partial refund, I think you can safely ignore him. But if he "paid" you the $250, then he could open a Paypal dispute, KWIM?
  11. i agree with what the person above me said. depending upon how he refunded the $250, it could work against you. if he made a separate payment, i'd open a claim with paypal and ebay before he does, as a item not as described. then maybe he'll back off
  12. Hi. Did you check his selling history to make sure he didn't send you the wrong bag? Maybe he sent a new one to someone who bought a used one?
  13. i am fuming mad right now. this guy is such a **** ugh. i go on ebay tonight and 20 of my listing were removed because i had a couple words of trademark infm. in them. he like has it out for me. i contacted ebay to see if there was anyway to completly block him, like not be able to see my sight. hes is definently crazy. i hope ebay does something cause of all the threngting emails. about the bag he did have a couple of the bags, but this is the last time i buy from over seas. i tried telling him and being professional, that ebay is a business and he laughed at me. well hopefully this is the last i here from him cause this is how i make a living cause i am disabled. oh and thanks for telling me about the 250 i am going to check that right now.
  14. I feel for you. Don't send the money back. I bought my 1st expensive bag off ebay "new without tags" turned out to be a cat hair bag with urine smell and fake. Seller had perfect feedback too. I will never buy a handbag from ebay again. I will just wait to accumilate my posts so I can one day buy from a TPF'er.
  15. DON"T send the money back he sent you a used bag when it was stated to be new so that money is rightfully yours...