Bought Neverfull and Speedy in Hawaii - keep both for "investment" purposes?

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  1. I traveled to HI recently and bought both the neverfull and speedy because both bags are on my list. Hoping to snatch it up before any further price increases. Problem is, I don't REALLY need both bags right now. The neverfull will likely just be a once-in-a-while travel bag. I'm new to LV - do you think it's a good "investment" to just keep both? Meaning, can I sell them at cost in the future if there's no wear and tear? With the HI discount and lowered sales tax I think I paid about $1350 out the door for each item. Much less than mainland retail prices. I guess what I'm hoping for is a price increase in the next year so I can sell it at cost (or maybe make a small profit) if I decide to offload them if they don't work for my lifestyle. Just couldn't say no to a good deal with those Hawaii prices...
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    What would be the motivation to buy from you? Nobody needs to save $50-$100 when they can have absolutely no concern about condition and authenticity--I mean, you plan to use them, as you said--by shopping at LV directly. And build their own purchase history with LV doing so. Really.

    Hoarding everyday items purchased at retail from LV is a poor plan, financially. I guess it's the internet that inspires people to buy for reasons other than, "I need or want a bag."
  3. I did once sell a MIF josephine at cost (including 9.5% sales tax AND the ebay/paypal fees). I didn't ask the buyer why she did that vs going in store/LV's online store to buy it for less. so...(shrugs). Thanks for the reply though.
  4. The ability to sell them at cost in a year does not a good investment make (bags rarely are). Your money could be gaining interest or dividends from an ACTUAL investment rather than sitting in a closet unused in the form of a bag. That being said, I don’t see a problem with only using the Neverfull for travel. That’s the only time I ever use mine and it’s one of the few bags I’ll never part with because it is the perfect travel tote IMHO.
  5. I do think it would be a better investment to put the money in an actual investment (rather than an LV bag).
  6. Very good point. Thanks for the advice! I'm new to LV...what is the general price increase %? If it's lower than 7% might be better to just put the money in an index fund.
  7. You are much better off buying stocks etc. than LV if you are looking for a return in a long run. If I read your post correctly, you are buying these two bags to see if the bags fit your lifestyle and prevent LV “inflation”. This is not that different than say buying an option in financial world. Obviously buying an option will cost you money. In this case, same with LV.... it’ll cost you “interest” of the money spent, etc..

    With that said, if you are looking to flip LV bags, you have to do your homework as well as be able to predict what bags will be hot. For example, people were able to flip virgil’s Prism bag when it first drop back in late Jan for a handsome profit. But by April/May, enough hypebeasts have the bag that the sell price basically covers retail plus fees. On top of that, you will have to be a VIC (very important client) in order to get the bag back in Jan - Mar.

    So what I’m saying is don’t view these two bags as investment. Although if you hold on to them long enough (probably more like 5 years than 1), LV will adjust the price upwards to cover your initial outlay plus eBay/ PayPal fees.

    Now about that fiber optic keepall... I think it’s priced too high for anyone to flip it.:whut::lol:
  8. Both of those bags are very popular, and easy to get. For those reasons alone I would tell you that you can't expect to get back what you paid if you go to sell them preloved. That said, if you like them and they fit your lifestyle, keep them and enjoy them!
  9. Not looking to flip. Just looking to keep both bags past the 30 day return window to see if it works for me. It usually takes me 3-6 months to know if it works for my lifestyle. Was hoping to "flip" it at cost (maybe a little more?). But if I can't get at least what I paid in 6 months-2 years then I'll prob just return one during the 30 day window.
  10. GMTA! I was just going to post that.
    Second hand LV is so saturated that it is definitely a buyers market. Especially for those styles
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  11. Wait.........what..........??????

    Your first sentence you say not looking to flip then say you are hoping to flip at cost.
    Your plan is to use them then possibly return them?
    IDK why it takes 3-6 months to know if something 'works' for you. I can tell after just putting my stuff in it in my outing at the most if a bag will work. I know everyone is different, but in my experience i have come to find that when in doubt don't is the best way to go.
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  12. Then you should return at least one bag and get your money back. If you are willing to take credit within 30 days, then you should be able to get more credit than what you spent in Hawaii as the credit amount would be mainland retail not Hawaii retail.... and yes, this is same if you buy in Europe and return in US! ;) But if you return too much you will be banned! LV is not that stupid.
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  13. This is far too complicated. If you use the bag, you can't return. If it's used and shows wear, your LV will lose value immediately. So even if the value appreciates by 7% a year, you'll still have to make up for the lost value from use. I can almost guarantee you won't get back what you paid in 6 months time if you've used the bag (even if you don't use it, as others have mentioned I'd rather buy brand new from LV store than brand new from someone random on the internet)

    I'm not the biggest finance/investment nerd, but I would also consider that lost opportunity cost. You have a bag sitting unused in your closet to "appreciate", what better things could the money be put towards if you had just returned it?

    Seems like a bad investment to me. It's a bag.
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  14. I personally would not buy a speedy or neverfull preloved unless it was a steal of a deal. I can order them all day long from the store/online.
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  15. Absolutely. The Pre-loved market is flooded with great deals on these. There are so many options, I've been looking at them pretty much all day.
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