Bought my very first Coach

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  1. I think so anyway. I am very new to quality handbags in general. I kind of knew about them but never really paid much attention-until I happened upon the Coach website recently and it was love at first sight :heart:. However, I am changing careers so I'm back in school (and unemployed) at the moment and Coach isn't really in the budget. Then it hit me, :idea: I'll just go where I go for everything else I need and can't afford-eBay. Plus I have a birthday coming up so my sweet dh bought me the bag of my dreams- a classic Coach Rambler's Legacy in black with nickel hardware: previously loved. And it arrived today! :wlae:

    I'm fairly sure it's authentic, the leather feels soft and nice and I see nothing to indicate that it isn't authentic. But of course, I'm a naive newbie so who knows? :s

    But then I found this site and can I just say how THRILLED I am to be here! I have just spent about 5 hours reading the Coach threads (though I should be writing my History mid-term :yucky: ) and I have learned TONS already! You girls really know your stuff! Though still, I honestly don't feel confident enough to go back to eBay at the moment. But on the bright side, I've discovered I have an outlet about 1 1/2 hours away but sadly, dh won't take me there until the summer and I really don't know how I'm going to hold out for that long as I know I'm already addicted.

    I've found a few bags and ponytail scarves, and a wallet for my wishlist already-gah, how will I ever make it til summer? :p Anyway-just wanted to say hi!
  2. And so it has begun! LOL!
    :drool: Your obsession that is!
  3. Yes I think it has :love:
  4. Congrats! I am hooked and I am sure you will be hooked as well!
  5. Welcome and would love to see pics of your new Coach.
  6. Welcome to Coach and to TPF - you'll soon be adding to your collection, especially if you hang around here! :graucho: I love the Rambler as well and have it in red. Post pics!
  7. Congrats! It won't be your last ;)
  8. girlfrieeeend welcome to the best shallow obsession ever! wee!

    also in the price range of coach is Dooney & Bourke! i own 2 and love them dearly! ! wee!
  9. Shallow obsession - who says we're shallow?! I count plenty of smarts in this group. :wlae:
  10. Theres no turning back now. Welcome to Coachaholics Anonymous :biggrin: Which bags are on your wishlist? Oh and congratulations on your first Coach :yes:
  11. Welcome and congrats. I'm sure it'll be your first of many bags.
  12. Welcome!!!! Watch out this is an enabling group...all the members are great!!!!:yahoo:
  13. Very cool! Yep, your first Coach won't be your last, mwahahahahaaaaaa

  14. shallow certainly doesn't take away from brains, and it's only shallow cuz we like it that way ;) see the cute quote under the pretty cursive "The Purse Forum" words at the top of your screen. :yes: love it.
  15. Welcome! Once you've been bitten by the Coach bug, watch out!!