Bought my Garden Party Rouge Imperiale Today!

  1. Back from my shopping jaunt in Sydney - the place was PACKED - they have sold 22 Birkins in four days....only four crocs left.......

    I got the Rouge Imperiale Garden Party (love her!) in the TPM size (35cm), and a special commemorative twilly for the opening of the Sydney Store! My friend bought a Trim in Barenia Natural (WONDERFUL!)...almost bought a 35cm gold vachee liagee Birkin, but changed my mind (loved it, but it didn't "sing" to me, if you know what I mean...bit stiff, too)...

    Had my Box Kelly engraved in silver leaf with my initials (inside the left-hand strap, you can't see it unless you're looking for it)...saw the lovely craftsman again today - no pics - they were really strict about it...

    LOTS of Birkin 30's left - brighton blue, chartreuse, toile/red combo, black (but I think it sold), Fuschia Ostrich...

    will post pics of the twilly's orange with keys all over it, and Hermes Sydney on it (keys for the opening..).
  2. By the way - it was PISSINg down with rain (I mean it was coming in sideways down the main street!!) box kelly got quite wet, and after I wiped it dry (it wasn't wet for too long) little blisters appeared...the craftsman took a look and said not to worry...and by the time I left the store (TWO and a half hours later!!!) the box was back to it's former gl;ory...good news for all those boxcalf owners!!
  3. TWENTY-TWO Birkins! I can't imagine that many out on the shelf at once!

    Congrats on your Garden Party (and scarf!). Pics, please! Shame there are none of the drool-worthy craftsman, but I'll settle for some arm candy. :smile: It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I can't think of a more pleasant way to while away a stormy afternoon!
  4. ^yes, it was fun, but the store was SO full of people! Oh, and most of the Birkins were "out the back".....My friend & I got several dug out to have a sniff and a stroke!!!
  5. Oh K!!! What a wonderful day you had! Congrats on your new Garden Party and commemorative twilly!:yahoo: :yahoo:Can't wait to see pics:smile:) Wow, so many Birkins sold and still lots left.. Hermes Heaven!!!
  6. I would have loved to be in Birkin frenzy, that must have been a sight! I'll be patiently waiting for pic, K! (Too bad you couldn't get a pic of the craftsman):graucho:
  7. WOW! Thanks for the report and Congrats on your purchase (I thought the TPM was smaller than 35 cms?). Can't wait for pics!
  8. OMG, K....It sounds like you had one GREAT DAY!!!!! 22 Birkins must be some kind of record!!!! Please, please post pics ASAP! I can't wait to see what you brought home and how wonderful it looks on you!!!!!!!
  9. pics...

    I'm not really into the twilly, but I had to get one, as it's limited to the Sydney Store.......:P
    100-0002_IMG_3.JPG 100-0003_IMG_3.JPG
  10. WOW!!! Sounds like a real eventful day you had at the store! Where is the new Hermes store located?

    So potentially anyone could bag a Birkin bag there then? Or are we talking about only selling to select customers?

    22 Birkins over 4 days in ONE location must be a real record.

    Please post pics of your new acquisition to let us share in your joy.:yahoo:

    Can't wait to have the craftsman back in Singapore, because I kind of missed his presence at the store. I am afraid he would fall in love with beautiful Syndey :P and decide to move over there!!! Arrgh.

    LOTS left???!!!! How many are we talking about?! Any Potiron???? I sure need to send someone there now to check out the bags!
  11. K, I LOVE the Garden party! I can so see you wearing this bag all the time!!!! The color is gorgeous and though i'm not a twilly girl either, this one is beautiful! Love the colors!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!
  12. Kristie, lovely bag, isn't it??? I got the same one 2 weeks ago, and like you, I am also not into twillys. But the moment the SA tied the red Tohu Bohu onto the strap of the bag, I just had to get it for the whole "look". I have been using only this bag for the past 2 weeks, and thoroughly enjoy owning it. I can dump so much into it, sometimes with a milk bottle or drink bottle, and no one would suspect I have kiddy stuff in there ... in another words, I still look respectable and ladylike wearing a bag like this.

    I am happy that Hermes has the right sense to make the bottom of the bag in leather and not canvas. It can get soiled easily otherwise. :P
  13. has Hermes Sydney on it...
    100-0005_IMG_3.JPG 100-0007_IMG.JPG
  14. Mrs S - Potiron 32 HAC, pall h/w chevre coromandel......still there
  15. K, Did you say they have LOTS of Birkin 30s???:wtf: :wtf: :drool: Is there some sort of special event happening in Sydney?

    I was just talking to my best friend who's currently in Sydney at the moment sans baby and hubby to check out the Hermes store for me.