Bought my first speedy - need help :(

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  1. hey guys, I bought my first lv bag speedy 30. It's a second hand but the seller told me that the look is like almost new. So the package arrive today and I feel so sad when I saw the bag first time.
    The leather look damage, is this normal? What can I do to fix it? I have here in Germany Hamburg a Louis Vuitton store, they can fix these? I guess for this price I could buy then a brand new :sad: I paid 500 euro.
    To bad :sad:

    Greetings, Lea
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. I think the seller didn't disclose the rip on purpose, and it happened all the time. I think you need to return it and buy a new one from an honest seller instead.
  3. Thank you starvista,
    I was just so excited about my first Louis Vuitton bag and now I feel so sad when I saw it first. Anyway I wrote the seller an email and I wait for his reply... I hope I can return it..
  4. I would return this if the rip wasn't disclosed prior to purchase. Good luck.
  5. Maybe its new enough and Louis Vuitton would switch it out for a new one in case they deem that the batch was defective. Keep positive thoughts! Good luck!
  6. That is not leather, it is vinyl coated canvas. I would return to seller for full refund.
  7. I would definitely try to return to the seller. That should have been disclosed.
  8. I agree with everyone else. I would definitely return it and get a refund.
  9. The damage cannot be repaired. This should have been disclosed and the seller must refund your money. For your first LV, I always recommend buying new from a boutique. The second hand market is risky for a new collector. Wishing you good luck! Let us know what happens.
  10. Thank you all so much :smile:
    I wait now for an answer, I sent already an email and inform him that I want to return it. I will let you know if there are some news.
    Now I feel much better :smile:
  11. i would definitely return it! gluck and keep us posted!
  12. Return. Once canvas is damaged I don't think LV will want to touch ur bag if u need repairs.
  13. Definitely return! LV won't fix it and you can't repair torn canvas without it looking terrible.
  14. As mentioned above: return ASAP.
  15. Return ASAP! Ripped canvas is always a deal breaker. ~ XOXO