Bought my first pair of Paige Premium Denim - have some questions.

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  1. I've come to the sad conclusion that I'll never be able to replace my 5-year-old, wonderful Juicy Couture jeans. I purchased them at Saks on a whim one summer, and they've been my jean staple ever since. The material is so thin and worn in, but I still wore them. They ripped at the knee last year, and I still wore them. I just couldn't give them up, until finally I realized that this is not the 1990s grunge era anymore and I needed to get a new pair :shame:

    So, after looking, and looking... and looking - I finally settled on a pair of Paige Premium Denim Jeans in the Laurel Canyon fit, medium clean wash. They seemed soft enough, and fit in the right places. They're long, but I don't hem my jeans and just let the bottoms get ripped up. It adds character :shame:

    Now, onto the questions - do Paige jeans stretch a bit as they're worn? I've heard such great things about the brand. What are your experiences with the jeans? Do you own more than one pair? They really do fit nicely, and I love the wash. Do you recommend any other Paige fits/styles?

    Thanks in advance! :nuts:
  2. Hi! Congrats on the new jeans. I love Paige! I think they do stretch a bit as they're worn, but they don't get baggy or saggy. I have the Laurel Canyon in Amalfi Coast (medium) and Dark Destruction, the Pico in Dark Clean, and I just ordered the Melrose in Midnite Rocker (Dark). The Pico cut has flap pockets on the back, which is cute for a change. They are low like LC and I think they fit a bit slimmer. Melrose is straight leg and I am excited to get mine! Paige is definitely my favorite for fit and I think they are really flattering to the butt.
  3. Paige jeans are definitely my favourite brand of jeans. I find they stretch at the waist about an inch, but not too much in the leg. My favourite cut is Laurel Canyon, but if you are looking for skinnies, the Blue Heights is good too. The Pico and the Fairfax have really great flap pockets and fit similar to the Laurel Canyons. Enjoy your jeans, you will love them!
  4. I agree with what the other posters have said. I have two pair of Paige jeans - Laurel Canyon in the dark clean wash and Hollywood Hills in the medium clean destruction wash. I love them both. They do stretch a bit, but not as much as my 7s or Joe's. That's one of the things I love about them. I am hoping to get a pair of the Fairfax cut next, too! Very cute pockets. I am crazy about the Midnight Rocker wash, too! Enjoy your jeans & buy more!
  5. Thanks for the input, ladies! :smile: The pair I bought are already a bit loose (I like them to fit as comfy as possible) and if they stretch a bit more, even better. I want them to be my wear-around-the-house style jeans that I can wear with a tank top, hoodie and Reef sandals when I'm bumming around town ;)

    I also tried on a pair of the LC style in a dark wash which I loved! :love: But I could only get one :p I think they were these...


    Katheryn - Just checked out the Pico style on the Web site. The flap pockets are super cute! :nuts:
  6. Oh, I adore Paige!! I had a pair of Juicy's for a lonnnng time too, and when those ripped in both knees...AND started to get a bit thin in the butt, I went about looking for some new jeans. I got Paige's in a dark wash, and love them! They're so flattering, and they stretch juuuust enough! Enjoy!!
  7. i love paige LC's! they are one of my favorite pairs of jeans! congrats!
  8. I think those are the kind Jennifer Anison wears. LMK if you like them! Very nice.
  9. I have several pairs of Paige and LOVE them. I barely wear any of my other jeans anymore. They stretch slightly to that nice worn in feeling but not to the point of baggy and saggy that requires you to constantly pull them up like 7s do.

    Wear them, enjoy, and I'll bet they soon become your favorite jeans too.
  10. i have a pair and they're my fave. make your butt look great! and yes they do stretch a lot. i think they're extremely flattering to the body. def get a part they're worth it
  11. Ooh, so does that mean that once I wear them, my body will magically transform into one that looks like hers? :graucho: Running to put them on right now! ;)

    I'm so glad to hear such great things about Paige! I do admit, they made my booty look nice in the short time I've worn them. Can't wait for casual Friday at work ;) I'm already thinking of what style I should get next :nuts:
  12. I have the Hidden Hills and the Hollywood them both. They are so soft, and really fit well. This would be an alternative if you wanted a pair that is not cut so low. I only wish I'd have not jumped the gun and bought both pair at the spur of the moment (I whip myself into a shopping frenzy sometimes, I swear!) they have a nice Petite selection...I could have saved $60 in alterations had I waited a bit!! :sad:
  13. I just got my Melrose. I love them! They have a straight leg and are not too slim. The color, midnite rocker, is dark and very flattering. The Melrose also have a higer rise than the LC. These are very similar to the COH Ava I have in Dark Madrid, but the Paige jeans really do make my butt look better! Plus the rise is higher so I don't feel exposed if I am wearing a shorter top.
  14. :nuts: !!!! I wore my new Paige jeans today and I am in love! :love: They're so damn comfortable. They're just the right length to be laid-back casual enough, the denim is so soft and they've already stretched out a bit, making them even more comfortable. I think I'm going to splurge on another pair :shame:

    DenimShop - I tried on the petite length at Bloomingdale's earlier this week. They were just the perfect length with my 2.5" heels :nuts: I'm 5'5" for reference ;)
  15. I have two pairs of Paige. Everyone's right: they fit great! I have found that I can wear my Blue Heights five times (don't usually do that) without the jeans sagging. Love them!