Bought my first MJ bag - for my Mum

  1. Early Mothers day gift LOL - well by a month but didn't want to miss it since it was available - I got her the MJ Blake in Black with gold hardware -- from Holt Renfrew in Calgary today. They will be shipping it to her in Quebec - I know its early but last time I was visiting her I had her try on a few bags and she loved it .. she's a spry 82 by the way .. and she jokingly said "I'd come out of retirement for this one!" ..

    I dont think she's paid more than $70 for a purse in her life LOL -- when I told her today I said "you know when you have a nice bag you have to keep your pen caps on or even keep them in a nice case, or your lipstick in a makeup bag" .. she knows I buy high-end bags .. and so she said "why are you telling me this?" and I said "well you have a bag at Holt Renfrew to pick up this week" .. and she knew right away which one it was probably going to be, and just kept saying "your kidding!!" and the rest of the conversation she was mostly saying "OMG I am going to feel like the Queen!!!!" LOL

    Well that's my story :smile: So my Mum gets the first MJ purchase I've made and I'm very pleased she is excited about it, I can't wait to hear back next week from her after the store calls her to pick it up. Hopefully I can have someone take her picture with it for me so I can post it.
  2. Oh Vista!! That is the sweetest story!! :love: :love: What a great daughter you are. And your Mom sounds so wonderful. The black Blake is a gorgeous bag and she will definitely be regal looking with it. :yes: I would love to see a picture if you can get someone to do it. Thanks for sharing your story with us!!
  3. I've asked my brother or niece to go down with her, and they can probably take a pic for me :smile:
  4. How wonderful of you! That's the best gift ever. I would love to see the look on her face when she gets her brand new MJ. Congrats!
  5. Any chance you're looking for a new mom *hint hint* :graucho:
  6. That's so sweet of you!
  7. Very sweet of you- You will def bring a smile to your moms face!
  8. what a nice daughter you are. A picture of her using it will be fantastic. I'm sure she will treasure it always.
  9. How sweet! And your mom sounds adorable!
  10. You are too sweet!!!! That is great!!! I LOVE that bag and will be purchasing that at some point I know it!!!! You are a model daughter!!! :yes:
  11. aww!! that was soo nice of you! I'm sure she'll love it!
  12. you're such a sweet daughter! i bet she really appreciates it!! i hope she loves the bag!
  13. that's so sweet of you! :heart:
  14. That's an awesome Mother's Day gift! She will love it!
  15. Ah that is so sweet, your mum will be so happy. I love to buy things for my mum :smile:
    She has bad arthritis now so cannot carry a bag :sad: