Bought my first LV now want to get a pouchette

  1. Hi

    I purchased my first ever LV bag on Monday:yahoo: Have bought the Batignolles horizontal. I haven't used it yet, as it keeps raining in London and I don't want to get water marks on the leather:sad:

    I am thinking about getting a pouchette to attach to the D ring inside the bag. I like the small one with the chain. Do you think this will be suitable or should I opt for the slightly bigger one with the leather strap?

    I'd also love to get a wallet, but I can't justify the cost of a wallet at the moment:sad: Buying one is nearly as expensive as getting another bag:hrmm:

  2. I think the Mini Pochette is absolutely adorable. So cute and very useful.

    I just mine the longest time as a wallet :nuts:

    The regular Pochette would be too big to carry as a bag in a bag IMHO.
  3. The mini pochette is unbelievable. I use mine as a makeup bag in all my bags and it holds the perfect amount of stuff. Plus its chain is cute and attaches inside the D-ring on your BH.
  4. Pochettes and mini pochette are great. I say get it!
  5. Congrats ymv13! I bought my first LV last saturday and now I want a pochette as well :tender:
  6. I bought the mini pouchette today:yahoo: . I love it.

    Problem is, I now want so many ofthe LV bags:drool: but I need to hold fire, because I am out of work in a week's time, so need to watch the pennies until another job comes along:sweatdrop:

  7. Man, you work fast. Nice choice, I have a regular pouchette that goes in most of my bags but I carry big bags most of the time. I had a hard time and I guess I still do buying a wallet because I could get another bag because of the price. I use my agenda as a wallet, it works great and they are less expensive than most wallets. There are lots of threads on the subject if you do a search. Just an idea.
  8. I have a pochette and I love it you should get it