Bought my first LV gift today!

  1. Today I bought my Daddy the Eclat Tie in navy for his birthday on January 10th! :biggrin:

    It'll be his first LV and its the first time I bought anyone an LV as a gift!

    Also at Hotel Vancouver I tried on the Motard Biker in brown and the silver Suhali Lockit!

    My regular SA was there so I asked her about the Miroir cosmetics case and she didn't know anything about it. :tdown: I also introduced her to my cousin from out of town and wished her a Merry Christmas.

    Then at Holt Renfrew my regular SA wasn't there so an evil one came up to me who made me feel like I was messing up his ties by looking though them!! :cursing: I made a bigger mess looking through the ties at Hotel Vancouver and no one said anything! When I went to the other side of the LV section to pay, he was looking to see where I was as if he was afraid I was going to steal it! :cursing:
  2. that's very sweet of you! Merry Christmas!
  3. what a great gift! good choice!
  4. Thanks!
  5. You are so sweet :heart: How was the try out on Suhali Lockit :smile:
  6. How nice of you!!!

    Forget that SA. :blah:
  7. that was so sweet of you!!!!
  8. Great gift! I bet your Dad is going to be very happy!
  9. Nice gift.
  10. Silver was a bit too bright for me! ;)
  11. Your dad is very lucky. I hope you had a great Christmas !!
  12. :yes: :sad:
  13. My uncle was so shocked when he found out I bought an LV tie. He literally shouted, "You bought an LV tie?!? For who?!"

    And when I told him it was for my Dad he was just as shocked, shouting, "Your Dad?!?" LOL!