Bought My First LV Bag And I'm Hooked!!

  1. Hi everyone!! I'm new here and I just received my very first LV Speedy 25 today thru Eluxury. I love it. Now I want more. LOL. I want a LV red epi speedy 25 and I can't find one!! I saw one on ebay but it was pretty stained inside the bag. And eluxury only has it in black and black/silver I believe. I live in Nebraska and there are no LV stores around. How can I find one? HELP!! I'm wanting one.
  2. Welcome to the forum! You'll love it here. Congrats on the speedy too! You may want to call 866-VUITTON to see if they can track that red epi down for you! Good luck!
  3. Welcome & Congratulations On Your New Speedy!
  4. congrats! and now its going to be downhill all the way .. once you start you can't stop!
    enjoy it
  5. Welcome, and congrat's on your first Louis.
  6. good choice ! the speedy will never go out of style!
  7. welcome...congrats on your purchase! Let the obsession begin.
  8. Welcome to the PF, and congrats on your Speedy!
  9. hehe, welcome to the club...I bought my first LV bag a month ago, but I'm already eye-ing other bags... It's an infidelity club:graucho: !

    Congrats on an excellent first buy and fingers crossed for you that you find the red epi one you crave!
  10. welcome to the PF! enjoy your speedy - i was never a speedy fan but now it's growing on me!!! be careful, this forum will make you wanna buy buy buy! =p
  11. hehe, same here, I didn't admire the qualities of a speedy till I met the PF girls...
    same goes for the wapity!
  12. Hi, welcome!! It's sooooo addicting! Your gonna love it here!
  13. Welcome and Congrats on your new Speedy!!
  14. Congrats on your Speedy! I hope you find an red epi Speedy! Good luck!
  15. Welcome! I know what you mean about wanting MORE! Elux and I are becoming the best of friends these days with all my purchases and returns. :shame:

    I live in Iowa and the closest LV store would be in Minneapolis which is 3.5 hours away. I keep telling the folks at elux this! LOL! Everytime I call LV, I ask for a store in Omaha or Des Moines which is where I usually shop -- they're also each about 3.5 hours away but I like going there vs. Mpls.