Bought my first Laura Lee bag today!


Aug 8, 2007
New York
Yesterday, while strolling through Bloomingdales Manhattan, I came across a small "trunk show" for Laura Lee bags. I checked out her web site last night -, and went back today and purchased my first Laura Lee bag and a Laura Lee cover for writing pads.

The bag is gorgeous, and truly a work of wearable art. On front and back it has all over beads, sequins and faux pearls in browns, golds, orange (and white for the pearls), forming all over floral, leaf and vine designs. The horizontal rectangular shape handle, the flap with snap closure above the zipper and the pull to the top zip closure are in brown snakeskin. Cost - $319.

The pad cover, in front and back has all over beads, sequins and faux pearls forming all over floral leaf and vine designs, in yellow, blues, greens and oranges. The spine is in yellow snakeskin. The interior has a black silk/satin lining, and the interior compartments on the front and back are black and feel like suede. Cost - $119. Both items came with dust covers.

For opening a Bloomie's charge today, I got 15% off all my purchases for the day, which resulted in a nice savings. Keep your eyes open for Laura Lee - - I think her work will be a big hit!!!