bought my first Kooba today!

  1. Ok handbag lovers, I am no longer a Kooba virgin!

    Just today I visited a small boutique in Cincinnati to just touch the Koobas on the shelf and educate myself for future purchases. Would you believe they were having their 60% off sale and there sat a beautiful Maria in terraine with my name on it.

    I swear that purse winked at me from the high shelf and jumped into my hands. While I have seen Koobas at Saks I didn't handle them very much, the salespeople there are rather snooty.

    But here the sales fella said.....'oh feeeeeel the leather' and that is when I fell in love. Yes, ladies, I am now officially in love with leather, what a weird affliction, but so be it!

    And doesn't it feel great to get a purse you just LOVE for a great price? I went straight to the car and transferred my stuff from my Betsey Johnson into my Maria. That's it, I shall NEVER GO BACK. Once you taste steak, hamburger will just not do. *s

    Today was a good day. :smile:

    Now, if I can just find that Kooba Frankie satchel in bourbon for a great bargain......*wishing*

  2. Didn't you just post 20% off Kooba at Daszign - they have your Frankie... or is that not the "great deal" you are wishing for?
  3. Yep, I saw they have Frankie and may take advantage of that sale. I sent an email asking if they will accept a cashier's check.

    Unfortunately they only take credit cards and I tend to use cash or cashier's checks (it keeps me out of trouble).

    And after getting 60% off today on the Maria....I keep hoping to find a Frankie at a seaon end sale. One can always dream, can't they?

    Happy hunting everyone.
  4. Congrats on your first Kooba. You'll be hooked, so it definitely won't be your last. Great deal btw.
  5. Congratualtions.....wear it in good health!
  6. YAAY! congrads on your first Kooba, as said above it def. wont be your last! :smile: the leather is so amazing, i know i got my 1st and then my 2nd and i am sure there will be more!

    great deal too! yay for shopping
  7. Congrats!!

    i lovvve Koobas! I just sold a black frankie on eBay, that is where i would suggest getting yours unless you are in the NYC are next week? they are having a sample sale and they usually have the Frankie in bourbon. I bought an embossed brown sienna last week and i am totally in love with it.

    after the sample sales there are usually a lot on eBay so....keep looking and good luck...:smile:
  8. Wonderful! Join the crowd of fellow Kooba lovers. I'm still on the lookout for good deals even though I already have four Kooba bags. But I do not have a Maria so I would be interested to know if turns out to be everything that you hoped it would be. Congratulations to you and Maria!
  9. Congrats on your new bag. I would love to see pictures of it.
  10. Cheers to you and your first Kooba! You'll be hooked...

    I went to Off Fifth today and got another one today too!
  11. Congrats!!!!!!! You are too cute!!! Enjoy your new Kooba! Post pics for us! :yahoo:
  12. Good for you!
    I have the Maria in Terraine and it is fabulous. One of my favorite Koobas. You are going to love it and I think I love it's leather best out of all of my Koobas. The leather is so different from bag to bag.