Bought my first Goyard today!


Nov 16, 2005
Someone explain to me what is so appealing about Goyard? I have never handled or seen one in person, but judging from straight design ... ehh, I find it kind of blase. But I do think that the customization idea is very cool.
Dec 2, 2005
I actually wasn't too keen on Goyard at first either, but it turns out that the bags look so great in real life. The colors are just really vibrant, but I get the feeling they just don't photograph well. :amuse:

My Barneys SA is a big fan. As I was leaving, she suddenly said she loves it when people come in to buy Goyard, as she hopes that they will get as "obsessed" with them as she is (her words, lol).
Each bag's pattern is hand-painted with stencils (not pressed out), the quality is really nice, and you can even get the stripes/initials removed or changed for up to a year if you don't like it anymore. :P


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
Congrats! You will love the bag. My white one is just gorgeous. The blue is great and I think you were wise to do more white than red in the stripes. Any initials or images?

I'm trying to figure out the striping I want to add to mine. So the bag is white and the dragon is mostly gold with a little red. I don't think I can add a third paint color (too much) but I don't want very much red in the bag...

Do I...

1) Do only a wide swath of gold?
2) Do a narrow stripe of red with wide stripes of gold on either side?
3) Do a wide stripe of gold with narrow stripes of red on either side?

Sheryl at Barneys (I assume that's your SA as well!) said that they can do stripes in any width, in 1/4 inch increments, with a minimum width of 1/4 inch.

Any suggestions?