Bought My First Dooney!

  1. Dooney overall hasn't been a brand that I've browsed. I just haven't looked at them much for some reason.

    But I needed a summer bag that was almost indestructable for weekends at the lake. I needed something simple, light-colored yet stain proof and inexpensive (taking a bag to the lake is ensuring its destruction, usually!).

    I was in a Marshall's and found a drawstring from the Panama line for $55!! :nuts: Since it is coated, it ought to be almost waterproof and will wipe clean. It is big enough to carry a few things for the kids as well as my own things, and it is comfortable on the shoulder and easy to carry.

    Without further ado, pictures:
  2. Sorry about the huge pictures. I thought I resized them...
  3. Wonderful! It looks really pretty. I think ViciousBliss was wanting modelling pics of a drawstring...
  4. VERY cute! great deal too!!!!
  5. yes she was! lol! if you could model it so i could see how it looks on the person it would be fab! :yes: thanks!
  6. I need to check my TJmaxx and Marshals for Dooneys. I haven't spotted any in the past but it has been awhile. Some of you ladies have been scoring some from there.
  7. Congrats!
  8. I am jealous--great bag and a GREAT deal!!
  9. i've seen MANY dooneys at TJMaxx and bought my first one, my platinum grey leather hobo there!! keep ur eyeballs peeled, when a department store has a closeout, TJMaxx will get SLAMMED with them! and others for sure!
  10. I love the style! Congrats!
  11. Congrats! I love drawstring bags, and what a pretty color!
  12. Great bag! Perfect for summer and your trips to the lake.
  13. Yay! A Dooney subforum. Love your bag; it's simple and will great for summer. You won't have to worry about clashing with florals and other patterns with this. Enjoy.
  14. Congratulations.
  15. i wish i could find that in black, it would be the next bag i buy... for my friend kayleigh who needs something OTHER than what she's got! it would be perfect!