Bought my first Coach wallet today but need ID help

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  1. Let me start by apologizing that I can't post pics which I know would make this a world easier! The problem is I have to play with my camera to even get it to work and I don't have time now as I have class in a couple hours. That being said....I found a little gem at TJ Maxx today for $60. She is a pretty shade of blue and has a buckle design with two "teeth" -similar to the buckle on the legacy satchel or the shoulder tote from a couple years ago. From the two-toned stitching and the feel of the leather I'd guess she is Legacy line but I can't really be sure.

    The Coach tag attached to it says something like "shearling clutch" which clearly it is not, lol.

    Does anyone have any idea what wallet this is? I'm a little torn about keeping it so I want to make sure it's a good deal-only because I'm unsure what I can match it with. I'd guess I can use it with my black Ali, maybe even my Chelsea Abbey. Opinions? :confused1:

    I know, I know, pics would help. Sorry :s
  2. Um, it says shearling?? It's not the shearling gallery wristlet is it?? In blue?? I have this in tobacco and they did have these at Maxx and Marshalls. It does have a buckle and flap.
  3. It's all leather and very wallet-ish. Not at all like a wristlet. But...I have no idea!
  4. Ok, I'm posting a pic of my shearling gallery wristlet and tote...this did come in blue. I don't have the wallet. Does yours have any shearling trim like this?? This is a vintage leather. Sorry for the dark photo, but it's supposed to be a tobacco brown color. This is from a couple of years ago I think, but I still see the wristlets at Maxx occasionally.

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  5. Oh ok... yeah, probably Legacy then! Is it the pond color do you think??
  6. Thanks for the pics! But nope, mine is not that one. It doesn't have any fur on it at all but it does have the square buckle. I actually think it snaps closed though. It is a dark-ish blue. I mean, not like pond or pool but not dark like ink. Sort of comparable to the blue color of the Miranda right now but not quite the same. I'm looking all over trying to find a pic, so frustrating!
  7. Not dark like ink, but not light like pond...ok, I will have to think on that one for a while! I'm not sure!! Sorry!!
  8. Denim leather
  9. Pics would make this a lot easier. If possible, try to post pics after class?
  10. That rounded buckle is always soho. If it is square it could be a factory exclusive. The factory came out with a color similar to pond a few years ago or last year it was like an aqua color and it came in signature too.