bought my first coach today

  1. ITs nothing fancy, but I simply adore it. I didnt have a lot of money. I got this for 112 dollars after tax.. it was on clearance.. wanted the gray and black one but wasn't on clearance, just the black and white one was(bummer haha)

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Wow cool nice! where did you get it??
  4. at the outlet in orlando. IT was a madhouse there :p I barely got to look at anything. People kept pushing their way in front of you and snatching handbags off the shelf. There was 2 of these one, and i quickly got it before anybody else did. There was 2 white ones and 3 black ones. When i walked by after i made my purchase they were all gone haha :p My mom got a case for her ipod for $8.91. I am very excited. The lady asked who i was buying it for. I am like ME!! :smile::smile::smile: She was like "thats why you have that big smile on your face." :smile::smile:
  5. Ooo! I LOVE it!!! It's so pretty! Congrats and enjoy!
  6. very beautiful.. congrats !!!
  7. Very pretty ^-^
  8. It's Beautiful :yes:, Congrats!!
  9. Pretty!
  10. isn't it crazy how coach outlets can be madhouses? if i go on a weekend, it's jam-packed and people are grabbing stuff off the shelves and literally walking around the store with tons of merchandise in their hands. i try to go when they first open up, the store isn't as crowded them.

    congrats on your first coach!
  11. that is cute!! what a great buy
  12. OMG I live in Orlando, Which Outlet did you go to? There are so many outlet malls in Orlando. Cute bag by the way!!
  13. Congratulations! It's very cute!
  14. cristalena56, congrats!

    That bag is gorgeous! :tup:
  15. Thanks!! i am so excited. I got it at the chelsea premium outlet mall :smile: