Bought My first Chanel! But having a buyers remorse!

  1. I just purchased a timeless tote and having remorse! should I have just bought a classic flap or a jumbo? what do you think girls? the tote will go for day and night, right? should i exchange it? and pay extra $600? or is it a great first bag? did i make a great mistake?
  2. It's a great first bag. I personally LOVE the flap though. It, too, can go day and night.
  3. I'd buy a flap before 9/28 because they are going up substantially. Only the classic flaps and e/w style is affected. You can get the tote later.
  4. I'm a tote girl. . . a tote fits my lifestyle far better than a flap.
    Just choose what's best for YOU.
  5. Perhaps you should go back to the boutique & try some bags on just to be sure?
  6. ^I'm with Swanky!
  7. I personally love the flap too, jumbo is a great daily bag. Go to the store and try it on! :tup:
  8. Tote all the way!
  9. I would go back and try others on. For the price you pay for Chanel, you should really love it no question :smile:
  10. I find that I use my tote more often than my reissue ... it just suits my lifestyle better. Pick one that works best for you, either way both are gorgeous styles and will look fabulous on you;)
  11. definitely flap!!! i am going to get mine next week before the price increase
  12. go for the tote first.
    i love my jumbo flap, but its not always the most functional bag to use at all times.
  13. I would wear a tote day and night, not to a cocktail party but yes out to dinner ect... I think the timeless tote is so cute, I love it. If not then a Jumbo!!!
  14. My vote goes for the flap--especially if you're having buyer's remorse! That's usually the first sign you should go with something else.
  15. Thanks ladies!