Bought my first Chanel - and a question!

  1. Well, I finally got a Chanel bag and opted for the jumbo classic flap in black caviar leather.... Was very happy with it, opened the bag at home and there are no authenticity cards in the bag. And the box it came in says that it is Sac Class Rabat...


    I bought it at the Chanel boutique at Holt Renfrew on Bloor in Toronto so it's definitely authentic. But now I am wondering if perhaps it was returned???

    The bag seems to be in perfect condition but now I'm wondering if I should make an issue of this? As I said, it's my first Chanel bag and I believe there should be a serial number and authenticity card in the purse ... but I don't know.

    Help! It's kind of ruining my pleasure in having it, thinking it's someone else's discard.
  2. Take it back and get the card or get another bag. For that kind of money you better go home happy.
  3. Thanks - then it should have come with the authenticity cards? And I assume the box is also incorrect?

    It's annoying. It IS a lot of money, and you'd think that if you buy it at the boutique, you're safe in getting what you're supposed to get.
  4. Agree, call the boutique and let them know what happened, it's a brand new purse, it should have everything, box, dustbag, tissue under the flap, care book, chanel tag and definately the authenticity card....make your first Chanel a complete one...

    They should have no problem giving you a new one...if it's just the card missing, perhaps they could send it to you? just make sure the number is the same as the hologram.
  5. There was tissue balled up and stuffed in the purse. No care book, no Chanel tag, no card. I think it was the only one they had in stock at the store but I would prefer to wait for a truly brand new one than keep this one. Where is the hologram supposed to be? I didn't even see one. It just says Chanel and Made in Italy inside.

    This is so annoying, it almost makes me want to return it and walk away from it completely. I know something so small shouldn't bug me, but now it really does.
  6. oh dear, for the kind of money you are paying, you deserve better, I am also looking to get a classic Jumbo myself, I know how you feel.

    It should have all the things I said if it's new from the box, the hologram is like the identity of the purse, open the purse, you should be able to see a small piece of plastic thingy at the bottom of the purse, and there's a number on it, maybe starting with 11xxxxxxx...
  7. ^i agree! you should definitely bring it back for another bag :smile:
  8. Thanks.... looked in the little envelope with the bill (which I had put in my purse and the cards are in there. Weird. In any purse I've ever bought before with cards they are in the bag. The box is definitely wrong, though. But I'm feeling better about it now....

    Thanks for all your replies ... guess I expected the presentation to be better than it was in terms of the tissue, cards, etc.
  9. That was annoying....they usually put the card inside the bag. Check everything before you leave the store next time. I always do that coz I am always paranoia :smile:
  10. Glad that you are feeling better now...:smile:

    Enjoy this gorgeous bag!! about some modelling pics??
  11. I will try to take some tomorrow... it's a combination birthday/anniversary present and was spur of the moment (I picked it out, husband said yes to the purchase) so finding it not as I had anticipated finding it kind of added to my spur of the moment guilt! But I've always wanted one and it's nice to finally have it.

    Now, if only the SA didn't go and show me the J12 with the black ceramic band and face and ruby markers. I need to fantasize about that like a hole in the the head...
  12. may i ask how much was it? i'm thinking to get that :smile: TIA
  13. Congrats on your Jumbo flap!

    Glad you found the card! And the box is also right. Sac Class Rabat is a general French term used by Chanel, it means: bag with a flap.
  14. congrats on your first Chanel!
  15. Glad to hear you found everything! :biggrin: That hologram sticker can be VERY tricky to find, it's a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

    Pictures please, and congrats on your purchase!!!