Bought My First Bag & Now I Can't Stop!

  1. Hello all - I bought my first bag! Got the Legacy Shoulder Bag in black leather. And some good deals from the Edinburgh Outlet in IN. Will post pics when I figure out how. This is my first post.
  2. Welcome linz...can't wait to see your picture & Congrats on your first bag:smile:
  3. HA HA, I love your avatar!! Congrats on your first but not last Coach!
  4. Welcome! Love your avatar! Very cute! I have the black shoulder bag too and adore it! (so much I got pond too!)
  5. Welcome to the purse forum! GREAT first bag :love:
  6. Welcome too! Good choice :yes:! Congrats on your first purchase, it can turn into an addiction!!!! Please try to post the pics
  7. Where did you get your black shoulder bag?
  8. I am in the same boat! I received my 1st Coach bag this weekend (also from Edinburgh--what a coincidence!) and I am now officially obsessed! Good Luck to you!
  9. Welcome! Be careful - Coach itself is addicting, but so is this site and we're always fond of enabling each other to live vicariously through each other's purchases!
  10. OK ladies let's give this a try... BTW anyone know what the name of the pink bag is? Got it as a gift. The wristlet, mini & keyfob had to come home with me yesterday. Shoulda bought the legacy wallet as well but c.c couldn't take much more lol
  11. Oh I love those....I didn't realize so much legacy made it to the outlets. I think I need more black!!
  12. I think the pink bag is the soho flap but I'm not 100% sure. Lovely bags & accessories. Congrat!!
  13. great grab!! if it wasn't sleeting, i would be at the outlets!!:crybaby:
  14. neatrivers - got my shoulder bag in indianapolis
  15. Yep it's a Soho Flap...

    Just wait until you get hooked on LV...then it's dangerous! LOL.