Bought my 1st CL - Pool Fun Sport Slides Flat in Black - Questions?


May 20, 2020
My gf has been on lockdown with me and watches a lot of the designer unboxings, so she got me into Christian Louboutin shoes since she herself wanted some pumps. I didn't take the biggest of plunges yet, but I just ordered the Pool Fun Sports Slides in black. I picked these over the Loubi Flip Flats which were more appealing at half the price, but these more expensive ones had some leather, more height, padding, and even rock-n-roll type metal studs. They also seem more comfortable than having that rubber piece between your toes, although the more economical versions looked attractive for flip flops as well. I was wondering, how does the quality hold up for these and other men's CL in general? I know the paint for the women's comes off as quick as first use, but it seems all the men's have a rubber red sole (both slides and shoes). That actually seems more appealing to me that the color stays (and hopefully the metal spikes/cones don't come off), and just wanted some assurance long-term I'd be happy with first purchase. I'm also looking into getting that lug sole key ring, just to keep as a 1st purchase keepsake for display purposes but not sure if the price tag is worth the value of that keychain? Thanks.
Jan 2, 2013
The quality of the mens Louboutin's are excellent. I have had the black spike Louis flat for over seven years and they still look practically new. I treat those like my regular wear shoes. I have a couple of pairs of straps that I baby due to the price point but they are tough as well.